How Incompetent Must the Mets Medical Staff Be...

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...if Carlos Beltran distrusted them so much that he used his own personal physician to scope out his arthritic knee? Beltran will miss 8-12 weeks (or shorter, if you believe Will Carroll) after having the surgery, which allegedly happened without the Mets' knowledge. As per Joel Sherman of the NY Post:

And for now, the Mets and one of their key players are clearly in conflict. A person familiar with the situation told the Post that the Commissioners Office and the Players Association have been alerted that "the Mets are claiming this was done without clearance and that the Mets are threatening to take some form of action. There is a potential issue out there."

You can understand the Mets' concerns about potentially losing their best player for a month or so, especially after he missed half of 2009 because of ouchies. But regardless of whether the punishment will be monetary or a public shaming-by-dunking in Flushing Bay, the team is going to come off looking like the bad guy. Yes, even though the Mets fans are a bunch of unappreciative doofuses who take every opportunity to disparage of the best center fielders of his generation, the team will look really ridiculous if they give Beltran the business for just doing his best to get healthy.

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Is "dunking in Flushing Bay" a euphemism for "playing in a Mets uniform?"

Duncan Donuts > dunking in Flushing bay > Shelly Duncan

They should be congratulating Beltran for doing it before the season and with a doctor who won't mangle his knee.

"Shaming-by-dunking in Flushing Bay" is a euphemism for getting hit with a frozen block of toilet waste dropped by one of the many aircraft that pass over Citi Field.

*It also happens if you say "I don't know" too loudly in the confines of the stadium. BARTH

The team physicians' initial diagnosis: "Man up, princess!"

Beltran would get that ugly mole removed but the Mets health insurance doesn't cover cosmetic surgery.

The idea of the Mets shaming someone is laughable.

It's like a meth head telling you to get your life together.

Don't ever change NY Mets

And I *just* starting to get excited for the season.

Wait... no I wasn't.

I think the idea of the Mets shaming someone is interesting.

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