Joe Carter And Wally Joyner On The Family Feud - 1990

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Today's Classic TV Friday brings the deceased Ray Coombs back into your life as the host of Family Feud. It's from a week of episodes called "Natural Enemies" which pitted baseball players against umpires (YouTube user HYHYBT has it all here.) and as you can see the players made it to the final round on this day.

Join us as Joe Carter and his fresh railroad track haircut just dominate this thing. Wally Joyner barely has to do any work by the time he gets to the stage. Per usual, Rick Sutcliffe stands around looking dumb. It's a treasure trove. But my favorite part is undoubtedly when black Joe Carter answers the question "Name something a police officer is famous for" with "Arresting people" and snow white Wally Joyner says "Saving lives." Some things never change!

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No wonder Joe Carter smacked one outta the park. Ray Combs just left in hanging there in the strike zone.

damn, I forgot Joe Carter played in SD for one season.

Was that Ellis Burks?

Rob's was better but I gotta do it.

It looks like Ray Combs was caught . . . (puts on glasses) . . . in a suicide squeeze.

Does Joe Carter have lines on the side of his head? Holy crap.

Also, and this is obvious: Look how small everyone is.

I never put this together when he played, but Wally Joyner IS Peter Frampton.

RIP Eric Gregg

Wow, so many thoughts with this:

* Where do you find these great videos?
* The 15 second clock is so much better than the 20 sec clock now. When did people become too dumb for Family Feud?
* I didn't think Joe Carter ever looked young.
* Boy, Wally, that's some wonderful thinning hair.
* This isn't the best performance I've seen on FF. In college, we'd watch these re-runs on Game Show Network much too often. We once saw Susan Lucci, on some special soap opera episode, get all 200 points on the first try. Her partner didn't even have to come out. I like to think it was her greatest moment until she finally won that Emmy.

I don't know why Family Feud speaks to me like this...

Frampton's not bad, but when I saw Joyner there, I thought of Paul Scheer.

Also, the final round questions on the old shows all had obvious #1 answers, like "dog" or "blonde." The final round questions on the J. Pederman version that currently airs all have four or five answers each that garner the same number of points. It's impossible to win the grand prize anymore. Ask DMac. He watches a lot of Ion, he knows the deal.

I wish they'd done baseball-specific questions.

"What's one thing you can't call an umpire?"



I'm pretty sure I saw that Lucci episode. When her partner came out, Ray Coombs proceeded to ask her a couple "gag" questions, like "Name one of Venus' moons" or "what is your favorite chemical compound." He SLAYED the audience with that gimmick.

Will Rocco still be Drew's mancrush if he signs with the Yankees?

Rocco and I are beyond simple things like team allegiance. We roll deep.

C'mon, Richard Dawson was the king of the feud!

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