Pete Rose Likes His Kool-Aid Cold And His Kids Hot - 1986

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Classic TV Friday is a Walkoff Walk institution and Pete Rose commercials always deliver. Today's clip is either a commercial for Kool-Aid, a commercial for drugs or a commentary on humanity's disregard for the planet that supports us.

Let's try and follow the action here. A group of what the jingle refers to as "hot kids" are playing baseball in a post-apocalyptic desert where the rules of gravity have been suspended and there is an on site rock band. Enter Kool-Aid Man, on a powdered beverage jag hauling ass down the road before exploding into a Reds game that is taking place in Thunderdome before a studio audience. He snags Pete's drive to center and then Pete ventures out into nuclear winter to meet some hot kids.

Oh, yeah.

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No one else in the history of human civilization has ever created anything as weird as this commercial. Behold the works of man!

When did MLB stop letting players wear their uniform in commercials?

For some reason, I love the fact that the speed limit is still 55 in this world. At least they were worried about the safety of everyone on the roads still...

Oh, and that look on Pete's face at the end as Kool-Aid Man throws the ball - that's the best acting I've ever seen.

Who needs hallucinogens when commercials like this exist?

Doc Ellis's post baseball career was as a marketing exec for Kool-aid.

I had no idea

Of course the ball goes between the girl's legs. Even in the future girls can't play baseball.

After the shoot was over, Pete autographed the gloves for the kids then hit them up for $45 each.

Also, nothing speaks to kids quite like the promotional endorsement of a REAL LIFE player-manager!

I'm going to go with drugs. Of course, that is my default response.

I am the only one here who can speak expertly and intimately on the motivations of Kool-Aid Man.

Gorge, that photo reminds me of a pic of my own.

Colonel, maybe we should double-date. Nice pic.

I have a picture of me and Spongebob but it's nsfw. Don't ask.

Pete Rose animated .gif time:

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