Tommy Lasorda's Brother Is Old, Easily Duped

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Oh how I wish it was Tommy Lasorda himself and not his older brother Eddie who was getting harassed by scam artists trying to make a buck off an innocent senior citizen. If it was Tommy, a public figure whom we've had our fun with in the past, I'd unleash an tsunami of barbs and verbal arrows at my doddering old paisano. Instead, I shed a single tear at the idea that poor Eddie was confused and frightened by the avalanche of junk mail promising big cash prizes.

Courtesy of our man Meech, the video:

And yes, that is a Snoopy phone in the sheriff's office.

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To be fair, they were offering a LOT of money.

And no, he wasn't technically duped. He did drive down to the sheriff's office to verify the documents, but only because old people like to have errands to run to fill their otherwise boring, retired lives.

I hope no one is making fun of the Sheriff for having the Snoopy phone. I grew up in Montgomery County and happen to know that this otherwise peaceful suburban enclave is often terrified by the Red Baron. That phone is a special hotline that the Sheriff can use to scramble a squadron of WWI flying aces to send that dastardly Baron back to his hideout in Delaware County, which everyone knows is the armpit of southeastern Pennsylvania.

And no, he wasn't technically duped.

Uh, yeah, he was. He thought he was going to get a lot of money and he went so far as to have an actual conversation with someone (during which he was threatened). If you get a letter like that in the mail and your reaction is anything other than to throw it in the trash, you got duped.

That being said, people who prey on the elderly are one notch above kidtouchers in my book.

There are only two types of people that respond to those letters: investigative reporters and complete morons.

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