Eve of Hall of Fame Announcement Brings Hall Hand-Wringing Season to Merciful Close

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sadgirl.JPGForgive me if I take a slightly contrarian track here, but I can't wait for the Hall of Fame announcement tomorrow. All the spirited & intelligent exchanges are appreciated, but there comes a time where the battle of good versus evil, the "us versus them" and "right versus wrong" chorus grows stale. The endless barrage of prop-ups and tear-downs wears on my mind, making me long for the lazy palm trees of Spring Training that much more.

The Hall of Fame matters to fans and matters to the players, but the writers view the Hall of Fame as their own. A hallowed keep that requires their steadfast protection, the integrity of which they must guard like a team staffers protect the soggy press box French fries. The nebulous criteria offered for Hall of Fame candidates runs the gamut from "feared" to "awe" to "he invited me to his wedding." Meanwhile the sober-minded SABRsquad attack with ferocity should any ignorant boob exhibit the temerity to step out of their increasingly dogmatic way of thinking.

The quest to empiricize every aspect of each player's career and shout in the face of heretics who don't agree is a little tiresome. As my friend Parkes of Drunk Jays Fans said, it starts to become a celebration of the intelligence of the advocates, not the qualities of the players. Even more regrettably, the archaic likes of Jon Heyman seem to only dig in further, resolute in their refusal to accept reason or rationale.

The Hall of Fame is a wonderful place and the ultimate bookend to a successful baseball career. The current wave of reason is a godsend, the implications of which will change the future of the Hall but can't undo the oversights of the past. The current "changing of the guard" phase contains too much ugliness and too many haymakers to engage impartial observes or casual fans in any way. It just becomes your drunk uncles talking about politics at Christmas dinner.

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I agree, the Hall of Fame Museum is pretty great. I couldn't care less about who gets into that boring part of it with the plaques, though.

Smell my farts! Smell them!

As I said to Rob in the WoW breakroom, it isn't that I agree with Luddites like Heyman; I'm just weary of the whole process. I can't imagine caring TOO much about the fate of a long-retired player. I need the here and now.

I honestly don't care that much about most of the unheralded players, but to stand up and make a push for someone as outstanding as Blyleven just feels good.

Plus I think Bert gets to punch out Heyman if he gets in, so there's that.

I love the Hall of Fame. I need to go back again.

And yes, we desperately need a change of the guard in terms of the voters. I still can't figure out the reasoning behind Heyman not voting for Blyleven - none of it adds up. Couple that with the old fart who intentionally turned in an empty ballot last year and a voter overhaul is due.

Everyone should head over to my blog for some earnest debate over who should win the Ford C. Frick Award this year. Will the Old Schoolers with their clear East Coast bias and "I know good announcing when I hear it" attitudes carry the day? Or will the geeks with their advanced stats like voice-shares and FISTED+ shed new light on some dark horse candidates?

I have a hall of fame membership card with Jim Rice's picture on it and my name on it and I get to get in free whenever I want even though I live 4 hours away because I'm a member and it's the only museum I'm a member of all the other museums I go to I usually go to on their free nights and I don't really care much for arguing with old guys either mostly because even though I find myself just on this side of the line with the modern stats guys most of them on a personal and stylistic level annoy the piss out of me and it's like that thing Woody Allen said Groucho Marx said but I'm adapting a little, I feel kind of bad being a part of a club in which most of those guys are a part.

Anyone surprised Heyman broke the Holliday signing?


Heyman breaking news on a Boras client? Now you're just talking crazy talk.

Wholphin With A Nice New Watch: Randy Johnson, ex-major leaguer.

1. Drew brings up a great point about how the tiresome HOF debates are a great reminder that pitchers and catchers report in 43 days.

2. By flaunting words like 'nebulous,' 'temerity,' and 'empiricize,' it is apparent that Mr. Fairservice is playing too much Words With Friends.

3. Liakos' 2010 resolution is to sound more like CHIPPER.

I must say "temerity" stuck in my head ever since a certain New Jersey and/or Pennsylvania-based commenter's impassioned defense of his proudly suburban lifestyle; a lifestyle I did nothing but identify with at this point in my life.

Looking back on it, I should stab myself.

/Glory Glory Hallelujah

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