Why Is MLB Monitoring The Marlins' Spending? Because They're Crooks.

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Word came down this week that MLB will be putting it's foot down when it comes to teams, specifically the Marlins, not spending their income from revenue sharing by forcing the Florida team to agree to spending ANY money earned through the system on player acquisition and development. It's a rare and welcome instance of the league confronting one of their most coddled crook owners, and as the Times article points out, an even rarer bit of proaction to avoid a labor grievance and lawsuit.

This problem has been endemic in the lower quarter of MLB payrolls since the current sharing system was instituted in 2002, as evidenced by the fact that the names on the bottom of that list rarely change. People have accused the Royals of hoarding like a fat cat lady and I've given the business to the Rays and former owner Vince Naimoli. Just the aesthetics of spending less than (or just about equal) to what you receive from other teams are bad. I've read arguments this week that say the Marlins have been "competitve" so let them stay the way they are and just cut their revenue sharing check. And this misses the point entirely.

Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins begged a new stadium out of the people fo South Florida and they owe it to the ones that are fans to put an entertaining team that can attract big name players and retain some of great young talent that they've had over the years. And one that can win a pennant instead of just finish over .500. That takes money. Reciting front office platitudes like "going out and winning ballgames," and "putting the best team on the field" which, like every other team in professtional sports, the Marlins do, is a joke when it is plainly obvious that the goal is simply to make a profit and hover around the 80 win mark.

I lived in South Florida for 3 baseball seasons and attended more Marlins games than I can count. Their admittedly small fanbase is filled with good baseball people and I always enjoyed watching games with them. But find it impossible to fathom how they can root for a team run by such an obvious shyster. Good for baseball for turning the screws on him. If anyone uses the term "free market" in the comments of this post I will come to your house and smash your computer.

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Heading up to Trader Joe's. It really is a worry free market experience. Just have to answer that door first...

My problem with the Marlins can be expressed selfishly: the Marlins didn't spend their revenue-sharing dollars on Josh Beckett, instead trading him to Boston, where he helped the hated Red Sox win the World Series. Meanwhile, Jeff Loria wastes tons of dough on shitty post-modern artwork.


It's amazing what you can get away with in absence of an actual fanbase. South Florida = pro sports graveyard.

It's gotta be bad if Bud & Co have to bitch-smack an owner. Which I'm very happy about.

I think of South Florida more of a pro sports mobile home park than a graveyard.

Loria is the same douchebag that wanted to fire Girardi after Girardi basically told Loria to shut the fuck up during a game.

Is the term "no cost market" acceptable?

I like shopping, so it's a good thing I live in a country that is free. Market-value sweaters, here I come!

Chief, tell them you know me. 10% off!

If I was Loria, I'd have fired Girardi, too, for making all my young pitchers' arms fall off.

Ichiro wants to know what you have against flea markets. He found a rare second-hand copy of Dragon Quest II at one near Pike's Place.

MDT, that's lacist.

As a fan of an opposing NL East team, I say Bud should just leave Loria alone. Of course, the thought of the Marlins winning 78 to 84 games a year and then sending all of their good players to the AL makes me very happy. Look, I already have to worry about those nogoodnik Braves and pesky Mets each year, I don't need a fourth team in contention.

(Hey, the Mets ARE pesky, at least until Arbor Day.)

It's that time of year again: Jeopardy! online test time. This is the year I beat Iracane!


I'm so taking the test. But I don't know if it's more advantageous to me to take the Adult test or the college test. I feel that a kid competing against the adults has a little bit of an advantage. But the college test is going to be much easier...

Marlins must have read Catshirt's post. they spent the money already

I envision Josh Johnson and his agent sitting in a Miami lounge, mulling over Florida's 4-year, $35M offer, about to sign the contract. All of a sudden the TV in the background pops on with a local sportscaster reporting Selig's decree to Loria. Johnson and his agent scramble to the team office, rip up the paper, and demand a boatload more.

Florida's ace gets $39 million contract through 2013

Ok, so does $4M more count as a boatload?

Nick, I suppose since it was comparable to Greinke's deal it's "fair," but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a "boatload."

310 - it's certainly fair. I'm sure that the prodding from Selig had very little to do with Johnson's contract, seeing as he settled on what is more or less what he would have gotten in arbitration in 2010 and 2011, and then got a nice bump for 2012 and 2013 ($13.75M per).

As a habit, I imagine all contract negotiations to involve some form of slapstick. Did you know that Xavier Nady hasn't signed on with anyone yet because he insists on spraying all GMs in the face with seltzer water right before they sit down? Now you do.

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