Chipper Jones Gives Jon Sciambi the Business

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Just a quick hit today since we're busy in the Walkoff Walk office cobbling together our 2010 Division Previews: head over to Baseball Prospectus to find out what ESPN play-by-play guy Jon Sciambi said to Chipper Jones to make ol' Chip shoot him such a laser-eyed death glare (in that picture on the left, chucklehead). Even after you've drank up the delicious Chipper anecdote, Sciambi's guest piece on the possibility of mainstreaming advanced stats is your must-read column for the day.

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This is why I'm bummed Boog isn't doing Braves games anymore

And now Sciambi knows how a deer on the Double Dime Ranch feels.

I liked Boog, but nobody will ever come close to providing the entertainment value that Skip Carey did. Two of my favorite Carey lines "That foul ball just hit that fat fan right in the face!" and of course "The bases are loaded, sure wish I was" What this really means for Braves broadcasting is that we will have to listen to the Joe Morgan without any experience trainwreck that is Chip Carey. How do you have that kind of broadcasting pedigree and be so terrible?

I hate that Jon went to ESPN full time, but I really hate that we get stuck with Chip Carey full time.

Cool article. Cool enough that it got sent to my dad.

Maybe guys who talk on TV for a living shouldn't tell a guy with a lifetime ops of .947 how to hit a baseball.

I just can't wait for 2308732094209209083032 balls to be "fisted" to the outfield this year. A right handed batter can fully extend his arms and drive an outside pitch to the opposite field gap, and sure enough chip caray will say he "fisted" it there.

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