Cito Gaston Shills For Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball on SNES - 1994

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Who else would be better in a commercial for Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, than Ol' Clarence? Well yeah, Ken Griffey Jr. would have been better but he was probably filming 300 other commercials this day with his hat on backwards. So enter Clarence, still in his back to back World Series Championship heyday. Had he yet morphed into the doddering old father figure that riles Blue Jay fans more and more with each passing second? I DON'T THINK SO.

My favorite part is when they say "could this game get any more REAL" and then they show this hilariously cartoonish clip from the game where the ball swells to the size of a balloon to illustrate a pop fly. Simpler times and naked nostalgia. That's Classic TV Friday for you. Please to enjoy.

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Never played that game, but it actually looks pretty decent for its time. Besides, baseball video games have gotten so damn complicated lately, I'd almost say they've been WORSENING.

I played this game. It wasn't endorsed by the MLBPA so the only real player is Junior (which may explain why he isn't in this commercial). Also you play against players like B. Lugosi and H. Bogart.

Could this commercial be any more amazingly dumb? I DON'T THINK SO.

Having played the mediocre MLB2K10 demo this week, I'm with Rob

The last baseball game I owned was Super Bases Loaded for SNES. But damn, was I good.

They couldn't even get Ken Griffey Jr. to be in the commercial for his own game? What the hell?

The last baseball game I bought was MLB Slugfest 2006 for the Xbox. I don't play it much, but it's a great game for whenever you feel the urge to punch baseball players.

The BIGS 2 is still the best and most realistic baseball game on 360, and it allows Jorge Posada to jump 30 feet into the air off the top of a dugout and catch a baseball with his teeth.

Looks like the great Cito Gaston was right once again. Except for the part about the game couldn't get more real, fast or fun.

So...who's going to be the WoWie that starts a "Cito, Iceberg, Poutine" Tumblr?

Cito's going back to Cali, Cali. Going back to Cali. I DON'T THINK SO.

I got MLB 09 for the PS3 and I am awful at the game. It's to the point where I don't even like to play it. Oh, and I am clinically addicted to MW2, so every time I lose 4-0 to the Nats, I realize that I could have spent the previous 35 minutes getting pwned by 13-year olds and stoners and 13-year old stoners.

The current sad state of baseball video games comes up, I believe, every time video games are mentioned on Walkoff Walk.

Was it a waste of time to Photoshop Rob into this video? I DON'T THINK SO!

Actually... it probably was. Carry on.


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Never played it but looks cool enough to give it a bash
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