Classic TV Friday Bilingual Double Feature - Johnny Bench & Fernando Valenzuela

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Whilst wading through the knee deep nostalgia of old commercials on YouTube this morning, I found myself torn between presenting one of the two videos. So I'm NOT GONNA choose. You're getting a double dose for your weekend. First up is Johnny Bench shilling for one of the grosser products I've ever seen. It's called Bubble Fudge and should have the tags "german" "scat" and "film." And his nephew is in it. Blech.

Our second commerical is a Spanish language one from the 80's for Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Now, I'm not 100% versed on Mexican culture so if someone could explain to me whether or not the Traditional Cereal Picnic is big down there I'd appreciate it. Here the table is set with a complete outdoor breakfast, the kids come running for some al fresco flakes when Fernando Valenzuela just manifests out of thin air and completely terrifies the little ninos. Look at their faces at 00:12. That's abject horror. Bueno!

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I'm eagerly awaiting the WoW staff Super Bowl predictions. The last time the Super Bowl had teams from cities without MLB teams was 1992, Buffalo and Washington. This means absolutely nothing.

It's also the first time I can ever remember where I'd be fine with either team winning. Not a hateable player/coach/subplot in the bunch.

I'll take New Orleans by 4.

Johnny Bench's nephew actually looks kind of like Fernando in that commercial. At first I thought it was going to be a dual-pitchman situation.

Kris, don't forget that Shockey (UM alum) plays for the Saints. I think I just found your hateable player.

Colts by 3 and bet the over (56.5)

I'm not going to abandon my Peyton Manning worship just to jump on the Saints bandwagon, regardless of how likable Drew Brees and his birthmark are. Colts win 20-17.

I'm going New Orleans, because in the yearly stupid Super Bowl mayoral bet, the mayor of Indianapolis had the gall to put up shrimp as his part of the bargain.

New Orleans shrimp eat Indianapolis shrimp for breakfast then work it off on the treadmill.

I was not at all surprised to find that Iracane is a Manning fan
I want a camera devoted to Peyton's tears as the clock ticks down on SAINTS VICTORY!

It should be noted that the creepy dad in that Corn Flakes spot asks Fernando "quiere desayunar con nosotros," which translates to "would you like to have breakfast with us." The reason I am showing off my AP Spanish education is that the pops used the verb "desayunar" which directly translates to "eat breakfast."

I've just always thought it was awesome that the Spanish language has a verb for eating breakfast. We need to make room for this verb in the English language.

"I'm breakfasting with my parents this weekend."
"Me and Trish hit it off last night and she breakfasted at my place this morning."


Reggie Bush is kind of a d-bag

Indeed, Shockey is an epic prick. One of the league's worst. But as a tight end it's not like he's gonna get all kinds of acclaim for the Saints winning, like fellow EPs Rex Ryan or Brett Favre would have.

Reggie Bush doesn't really bug me. He's just Hollywood, can't fault him for that.

Only a commie would root for Indy over N'awlins. N.O. has no closing time for bars, great food and music, and lose women. Indianapolis has a lot of roads going someplace slightly less awful.

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