Fix Your Hair Up Pretty, Vegas Has MLB Odds For You

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Sadly this is one of those rare weekends where I actually need to venture out of my Excel-riddled basement to accomplish things in the real world. This means I don't have anything particularly well thought-out to waste your time and bandwidth this morning, but I will present you with something that has been traveling around the interwebs for the past few days. Oh, would you look at that, it's the Vegas over/under numbers for every MLB team's win total!

Note: Unless we're talking about poker, I am not a good gambler. You should never listen to me in such matters. Ever. Seriously, your house might be at risk. But if pressed to lay some money on a few of these odds, I'd probably go with the following three:

LA Angels - 84. OVER. The Angels outperform every projections system every year, why not the Vegas line too?

Milwaukee- 80.5. OVER. The Cubs and the Brewers are vying for second in the NL Central. Surely the Brew Crew can finish .500!

Florida - 81. UNDER. This is a manly division, and the Mets have to be better than last year, based on lack of injuries alone. The Marlins will probably win 78.

Thoughts? Any of the lines jump out at you as being ridiculous? I didn't mention the Rays one, but that's a tempting bet too. It's also interesting to reconcile these Vegas numbers with the (now revised!) PECOTA projections and the CAIRO numbers, if you so choose.

So yeah, sorry for the lack of content. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves... or to keep Photoshopping Rob into pictures. Have a great weekend.

Title inspired by this guy. Covered in awesome fashion by these guys.

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It's interesting that they think Zach Grienke will win 71 games. That would have to be a record for a Royal.

94 seems high for Boston in that division.

Rob, these inanimate objects can't sign autographs for you! They're just words!

I like to think that with each of these Photoshops, the men of America are oppressing Metsgrrrrrrrrrl a little more.

Seattle won 85 last year and their line is set at 83. Does this seem right, given their offseason?

Take the over on Washington too. This team is better than .450. (AIM HIGH!)

MDT, I thought quite a bit about that one. Awesome as Jack Z is, I question that offense's ability to score runs. It's not "worsening," but relying on production from Milton Bradley is always a worrisome prospect.


If by "men" she means "Tom Carvel" then I agree. Fudgie the Whale been very, very bad to her.

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