Grab Yer Paddles (Maybe!): The 2010 Walkoff Walk Fantasy Auction League

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Hey doodz, weekend writer here. Fantasy baseball season is fast-approaching and Rob was nice enough to expand the terms of my captivity duties to include setting up a new endeavor for the WoW community: an auction fantasy baseball league!

Just to clarify a few things, this is not a replacement for the usual, "standard" Walkoff Walk fantasy baseball endeavor. In fact, I'm told that Rob is still looking for participants for that funfest, so if you want in, you should definitely email him. I'll be there, so if you thrash me in the standings you can reap the added benefit of putting the stat nerd in his place!

This new auction league is just meant to give people yet another option. If you're in the normal league, feel free to join. If you really like auction leagues, sign up! If you're not really familiar with auction leagues but think they might be really fun (you'd be right), then sign up. The benefit of the auction league is it fixes such things as Rob giving himself the first five picks in the draft because anybody is allowed to bid on a player at any time, provided they have the appropriate fake funding. It's fair. It's entertaining. It requires you to demonstrate ingenuity. There will be efforts to drive up prices so that somebody gets stuck with a $21 Yuniesky Betancourt. Profanity will ensue. I don't know what the winner of this shindig will receive, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

Here's the catch: since it's an auction league, attendance at the draft is nothing short of essential. As a result, this could be a huge pain in the ass to schedule. That's why I'm putting this post up. If you're interested in participating in the auction league, then send me an email. So I hope you're interested, but again, please recognize the necessity of a flexible schedule going in. As soon as I know there's enough interest, I'll throw out some ideas for dates and times within the circle of interested folk. Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

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Winners get nothing. It's the Walkoff Walk Way.

You do get the self-satisfaction of COMPLETELY DOMINATING A FANTASY BASEBALL SEASON amongst your fellow WoWie nerds though.

Welching on Wagers is the Walkoff Walk Way

Iracane is a welcher.

I thought he was an Italian

You're not Jewish Rob?

I'm down. and Norwegian.

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