Nick Swisher Was on a Sitcom, Met Your Mother

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New York Yankees outfielder and brotard extraordinaire Nick Swisher made his sitcom debut last night playing...New York Yankees outfielder and brotard extraordinaire Nick Swisher. He made a cameo on the "hit" "comedy" "How I Met Your Mother" in which he gets in the way of Neil Patrick Harris' character's mission to bed seven broads in a week. Hm, I think they ripped off that plot from the Gil McDougald episode of "Make Room for Daddy".

Below, we present a highlight reel of Nick Swisher's fauxhawk and faux personality. But hey, if you want to watch something funny, though, I recommend hitting up's video page and searching for the terms "Nick Swisher" and "baserunning oopsie" or "complete and total inability to catch a simple line drive".

Courtesy of Meech:

Oh, how drĂ´le!

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Is posting this a reverse Yostroll?

P.S. Robin's character would never be a puckbunny. She can apparently read!

I've never watched that show and after watching that clip I never will.

Know how I know you're lame?

Anyone else get the feeling that Rob is obsessed with How I Met Your Mother? AND Nick Swisher? This must have been like Christmas.

No, once again your powers of deduction are about as abysmal as David Eckstein's tater totting ability. I posted this video just to ruin your morning.

SO CBS grabbed a bunch of talent that people recognize from their youth-friendly roles (American Pie, Judd Apatow flicks, Doogie) and put them on a network watched by people who are 55+? GENIUS.

The fact that this show, 2.5 Men, AND Big Bang Theory are all winning their time periods is frightening.

Anyone get the feeling that Rob is in denial about loving How I Met Your Mother? At least Drew admits it

How I Met Your Mother, 2.5 Men, and Big Bang Theory would make good titles for porn movies.

Rob might also be in denial about loving Tommy Lasorda

So what? Lenny Dykstra has a recurring role on Always Sunny as 'Rickety Cricket'

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