Photo: It Looks Like Somebody Has a Crush on Derek Jeter

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It's just an autograph, yes, but it's also much more. Because sometimes you CAN demean boys, too, with funny headlines. Maybe we bloggers should reserve the moral outrage for actual inequities and not waste precious bits and bytes attacking David Brown for doing what he does best: being funny.

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That pic of Rob would be a lot more accurate if he were standing in front of Mario Batali as the guy autographed a mortadella.


This is the part when we fire up the matt signal, and lure him out from his underground meme generator.

heeeere matt matt matt matt matt... we've got Mastodon...

Here's the source photo if you kids want to have some more fun at my expense:

WHERE WAS THAT HALF AN HOUR AGO??? I'll send you the bill for my carpal tunnel treatments.

women be outraging

Nick, those are LOLicious.

The first green Yankee hat sighting, Spring Training has officially begun.

My God... what have you all done?

The one with chipper and ~frenchy~ is one of the hardest I've ever laughed at the internet.

And what the hell, the one morning I'm busy, it gets all meme in here.

brb time to throw my hat in the ring

Oh shit, be careful Rob:

(that's the best I can do with what I have at work)

I would like to thank Baby Jesus for making it snow and giving all of us Megalopolis residents the free time to do this today. This is a regular season-worthy thread.

I was gonna stop making these, but then I decided not to.

Look at this Fearsome Fivesome.

The lion looks busy, Rob.

No this is sophomoric.

Class time poorly spent.

Wow, brutal HTML fail there.

Here's the image.

The topical ones - with Shamu and Hilary Duff - are awesome. WTC Guy makes me mad that I didn't think of it first.

The Washington's Crossing one made me titter. But Dmac probably wins.

Really liked the Hillary Duff and Washington's Crossing ones.

Nick, the Oswald shop killed me. Brilliant.

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