Red Sox Truck Day 2010: The Walkoff Walk Documentary

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So here in Boston, Truck Day is a thing now. I guess it's been that way for a couple years and the Globe had coverage leading up to it all last week like it was the World Series or something. So on Friday I went along with my good friend Will Fox, both of us Truck Day Newbies. We took lots of footage of the "action." We made fun of people. We edited that footage down into our first Walkoff Walk Documentary.

It's about 25 minutes long and most people won't get it, but most people aren't WoWies. You're also encouraged to chop up, remix, edit or make a trailer for this and all future Walkoff Walk documentaries. Please to enjoy.

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Pretty neat watching that truck start up. I haven't been this excited since they wheeled in the TV to my second grade classroom to watch the Challenger liftoff.

Oddly mesmerizing.

Truck Day? More like Suck Day. Amirite?

btw, Liakos is the UnaBomber.

wooooo, Narragansett Beer! My new fantasy baseball team name is The Clam and The Beer.


Kris Liakos stars in: Truck Day, or The World's Worst Mardi Gras Parade

Nice work. I look forward to many more WoW docs.

This holiday is not nearly as popular in Baltimore.

I also have a link to some video collected by the onboard cameras as the truck made its way down Interstate 95.

Difficult to hear Kris over the crowd noise.

I will watch anything Fox and Liakos are part of---even if its loading shit onto a truck. Keep it going!

Needed more jamook references, otherwise tip top work.

There are Tarantino rough cuts that employ more judicious editing than that clip. Also, this documentary reinforced a LOT of New England stereotypes. I can appreciate that.

In an ironic twist, Ted Steppenwolf - young AA fireballer - will be called up in late July only to have his jersey worn by a stuffed ferret. He will be optioned to Pawtucket within the week.

This is legitimately better than about 2/3 of all the documentaries I have seen. (note: I have seen 3) You are all more than welcome to accompany me to the Braves truck day next week. (note: Braves truck day takes place at my house and consists of helping me move)

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