Shane Victorino Is The New Ed Hardy

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Athletes used to release rap albums in order to make some money off the field. Now, it's all about the clothing line, and who better to have his own line of t-shirts than Shane Victorino!

As you can see, the Shane Victorino Signature Collection -- not a clothing line, he tells Todd Zolecki, just a series of t-shirts -- is built for champions. Get one for the champion with horrible taste in t-shirts in your life.

The Fightins has more.

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That World Series Runner Up ring is just a bit less gaudy than those horrid t-shirts.

"Built for Champions"... like the United Kingdom who only failed miserably in a few wars/imperial ventures!

Built for Affliction Champions?

"Built for Friends of Jon Gosselin"

"Built for the Jersey Shore"

"Built for Cub Fan Assaults"

No one was asking for this Sinbad comeback.

"Only Built 4 Human Dinx"

Kris +1

To be fair, that's the Hawaii state flag on the shirts, not the Union Jack (Hawaii's flag has the Union Jack on it, which really confused me at first when I visited my brother out there). That doesn't make the shirts less hideous, though.

Can we get a web site that tracks all the MLB players' "clothing lines" and compare their ridiculousness? I wonder how, say, Ryan Braun stacks up against Shane Victorrino or Evan Longoria (I assume he has one).

Rap albums were classic, but the best was terrible baseball endorsements. Phil Rizzuto, Mickey Mantle, and my favorite as a kid, this one of Rafael Palmeiro why does he show up to a little league game in his uniform?

Good call, Lar. I thought the striping was just a pattern on the shirt, I didn't think that the Union Jack was meant to be super-imposed on that to be treated as a whole entity.

Loser of this year's WoW bet has to be photographed in one of these?

"[W]hy does he show up to a little league game in his uniform?" A very fine question, pikapp. Why is he walking off the field with that kid at the end? is another.

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