This Tweet in Baseball: Super Bowl Edition

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Think baseball players are so focused on their chosen profession that they ignore other sports? Think again! Your favorite MLBers took to the Twittersphere this past weekend to appreciate the NFL's season-ending celebration called the Super Bowl. It was the most watched event in American TV history, so you'd assume that some baseball folk were sitting in front of the boob tube with their chips 'n' guac, just like you, except not quite as fat and lazy.

Still, not all of them knew what was going on. Australian pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith doesn't understand all the hoopla surrounding this game called "American football" and would rather be lassoing a kangaroo or whatever they do down 'under':

Can someone tell me what the word "arvo" means? Is it something like vegemite? And you'd think Ryan has spent enough time in the USA to know a bit more about the NFL. Heck, even Joel Hanrahan's dog knows more about American football than the Aussie RRS. He's familiar enough with the two teams to know that Saints running back Reggie Bush has a predilection for the oopsies:

Surprisingly, Bush made it through an entire game without coughing up the football. On the other hand, catcher John Baker couldn't make it through the entire game without making a bad joke about instant replay:

I think the entire Tweetosphere ground to a half after that bomb. Luckily, professional dater of professional baseballers Alyssa Milano was there to get it up and running. She took some time off from bandwagon-riding to enjoy the hilarious Super Bowl commercials:

Alyssa, Betty White has more talent in her shriveled 88-year-old pinkie finger than you have in your entire body. Even the artificial parts. Especially the artificial parts. Either way, Jose Canseco can't wait that long for Alyssa to grow up, so he went right to the source and took his new girlfriend Betty White to Disneyland instead of watching the Super Bowl:

Jose and Betty are the new Ashton and Demi, except far, far, far more disturbing. Reliever Mike Bacsik probably would have preferred being at Disneyland with a Golden Girl instead of checking out that horrible halftime show. After all, Betty White looks young compared to aging rocker Roger Daltrey. Ew, he looks like my nana! What do you think Bacsik did instead of watching 75-year-old men play CSI theme songs?

Bacsik probably spent the halftime being delusional, like he was after the game ended. Sounds like a poor prediction. When it was all said and done, the baseball tweeter who made the best prediction was Justin Upton:

Now if only Justin could be half as accurate with the bat, he'd be a perennial All-Star.

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Mike Bacsik was watching iCarly during the halftime show.

"Arvo"? Really?

Ryan Rowland Smith is the manifestation of bad Aussie stereotypes, which makes me think that maybe they aren't "stereotypes" after all. G'DAY THROW ANOTHER SHRIMP ON THE TREADMILL

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