Breaking: Ex-Baseball Player Kind Of A Jerk

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jim.bunning.batman.jpg I assume a majority of the Walkoff Walk audience is, in addition to being highly educated and attractive, reading about baseball on the Internet in order to kill time at work. A great American tradition! But, especially with the recent economic trends, I figure another significant portion of the site's audience is unemployed slackers.1

Well: Welcome to our unemployed visitors, possibly on a library computer! You already know by now that Hall of Fame pitcher, perfect-game tosser and U.S. Senator Jim Bunning is holding up an extension of unemployment benefits! He's also forcing the government "to furlough workers", apparently some kind of sex act, and is also disrupting COBRA and Medicare payments. The government's taking away my money! Finally, I know what it feels like to be a rich person.

And he's the mad one, because blocking this bill made him miss a Kentucky basketball game. He also, Salon reports, has a fraud of a charity.2 Geeze. It almost makes you want to wish SuperAIDS on the guy, even if he does look a bit like Adam West.3

Who knows, maybe Jim Bunning will eliminate the deficit and UK will win the National Championship with his grandstand. I don't really understand, or care about, politics. But what I do understand and care about are videos of people acting like hilarious jerks. Hey! What do you know, when CNN's Dana Bash and ABC News' Jonathan Karl went to ask Bunning a few questions, he flipped out!

Apparently, players in the 50s and 60s were just as full of themselves as players are now. Excuse me!

1 Here's a tip: Call yourself a "freelance writer." No way you're picking up somebody in a bar if you say you're unemployed.
2 Even worse, Jim Bunning is making me agree with something in Salon! This is the deepest cut of all.
3 Sweet! Adam West mentioned in back-to-back posts!

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For a recap of the hilarious moments in the more recent political career of Jim Bunning, simply search on Wonkette.

"Call yourself a "freelance writer." "

I believe the word you are looking for is "Producer".

And fuck Jim Bunning.

Jim Bunning is a horse's patoot, but if I was that old, I'd be really pissed about some dopey reporter blocking the elevator door with his penny loafer too.

Besides, that elevator was whit...uh, I mean Senators only.

when I clicked on the link I was expecting to read about lenny dykstra

Renegade senator on the loose? Gotta be Batman. That's not a Senators' elevator - he's headed for the Batcave and we all know it.

What a jerk!! He is trying to stop the government to stop borrowing money from the Chinese to pay for unemployment when there is plenty of "stimulus" money that can be used. What an a-hole!!

He's trying to GET the government to stop borrowing money

Bunning is not really "holding up an extension of unemployment benefits". He is just objecting to passing a spending bill for $20 billion without identifying where the money would come from.
Bottom line, if the Democrats wanted this bill passed, they can easily bring it up for a formal vote, get 51 senators to say "Yes" and it would be good to go

Don't blame Bunning, blame Harry Reid, he is playing this up for political gain. He could call for a formal vote and get this thing passed lickety split if he really wanted to. (sorry for the overly political rant)

PS - love that Bunning is going to the "Senators elevator". God knows what happens when those doors close.

Thanks for lecturing us, BC Twins Fan. I didn't notice the day the subheader was changed to "In which Rob Iracane and Kris Liakos discuss the present state of baseball and xenophobia masked as fiscal responsibility".

New guy is okay because he made a joke at the end.

I vote to block spending on special elevators for Senators.

I'm with dmac. Why should they get elevators all to themselves?! Greedy bastards...

Randy Johnson, Kenny Rogers, and now Jim Bunning. Just shows that pitching a perfect game turns you into an asshole. LOOK OUT, BUEHRLE!

This is a no-flame zone, fellas. Didn't you see Fredo the Fire Extinguisher at the top of the page?

Now, speaking of hot, how about that Dana Bash? HOTCHIE MOTCHIE

Beer venders would argue that Buehrle is already an a-hole. Those guys hate that quick working, strike trowing machine.

Not a poflawa. Got it. Is this a bunflawa?

Your poor photoshop skills rival that of memestar Matt_T.

That was MS paint and I spent all of 30 seconds on it.

BEAUTIFUL. Nice one, Matt

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