Cinema Varitek: WWE Raw with host Pete Rose

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Who's name is that on the big screen up there? Hey, look, it's Pete Rose! Yes, the all-time hit king hosted WWE Monday Night Raw earlier this week, on the week before Wrestlemania no less! In the foreground of this photo is Shawn Michaels, who wrestled at the pay-per-view I attended with my dad at the Spectrum in 1990. (I was seven.)

Also on the big screen in this photo: Pro wrestler Kane, shown hitting a piledriver on Pete Rose at a previous Wrestlemania. Charlie Hustle has been beaten up by Kane every time he's been at a WWF/WWE event, and as guest host tonight ordered Shawn Michaels to face Kane.

That is, honestly, the only thing Pete Rose did. I remembered why I hadn't watched an episode of Raw in like 12 years: It's completely unbearable! The annoying owner of the company a major part of several storylines, there is a lot of interview time taken up by people who can barely talk and now the WWE product is aimed at 10-year-olds now so Vince McMahon's wife has a shot at winning the Republican nomination for Senate in Connecticut. That all adds up to a really boring two hours of television.

Rose did show up one more time, of course, a moment I've captured on video below. After Shawn Michaels defeated Kane, Rose went back to his dressing room to celebrate.

Now there's an actor. You should also note it says "HIT KING" on the one side of his collar.

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An earthquake joke and "don't bet on it". Induct Pete Rose to the baseball HOF immediately.

That broad running for Senate is a big fucking deal.

that's three more than the San Francisco Giants have
now that's just mean

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