Cleveland Sulks: Perusing The Plain Dealer's "Indians Comment Of The Day"

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If there is one idea that defines "New Media" more than any other, it's that news can be a two way street. Hey, you're not just a reader, you're a part of the story. On any major media site you can bear witness to the higher intellectual plane to which New Media has helped us to ascend. It seems like the more popular the publication, the higher the level of discourse. The more "blue collar" the site, the more insightful the voice of Joe The Whatever becomes. It's almost like to really understand a story you should skip it entirely and just read the comments. I dare you to prove me wrong.

If holding the shell of internet comments to your ear is to hear the full swell of the zeitgeist's rising tide, then the water in Cleveland is um... sad? I'm bad at metaphors. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is featuring an Indians Comment Of The Day allowing people from such far flung locales as Boston or Philadelphia to take the pulse of the Tribe's loyal followers. And it's only taken a week of Spring Training for them to plummet from "Cautious But Not Fatalistic" to "This Is The Worst Team That Ever Teamed." The pathos is breathtaking and the Plain Dealer's selection of comments hits all the right notes. They're artists.

Camp started on 2/22 with the following optimistic, but clearly delusional, pick me up from jamesoncurry1

To all the whiners and crybabies - Give this team a chance. We have far better prospects and more pieces in place then when we rebuilt in 2003 and 2004. Most Clevelanders don't understand that Shapiro is very respected nationally. 2008 and 2009 we had big payrolls and things just didn't go our way. That's all.

Slow down there jameson, and quit making blanket statements about Mark Shapiro being respected. Other than that, you're right. Things didn't go your way in the past, but it's a new season SO WHO'S COMING ALONG FOR THE RIDE!?

Bipolar commenter extraordinaire wahoojoyce. that's who! Don't hurt your neck trying to follow Joyce's mood swings from this comment on 2/24.

Stop already. This team will not lose 100 games! They won't beat the Twins because the Twins have a viable rotation, but the other teams in this division are no better than the Tribe. That said, .500 is the reality. Geez, I would rather have the Yankees talent like we did in the 90's, but we don't. This team is young and will be fun to watch. Give it a chance.

But it wouldn't take long before the miserable insurrection implied in Joyce's "Stop already" swallowed everything and began what I'm sure will be a wild ride dominating the ICOTD. One day, in fact.

On 2/25 the paper spotlighted a comment from chuckheston, someone who certainly doesn't respect Mark Shapiro and, unfortunately for Shapiro, is most likely a gun enthusiast.

Typical Shapiro move. We'll move LaPorta, the centerpiece of the CC trade and likely a better 1B than OF, to LF so we can squeeze some fringe MLB veteran into the lineup. And yet these clowns that own and run this team wonder why there is so much apathy with the fanbase.

Well what about the Indians rotation? What about Fausto Carmona, that guy's good right? southernbuck says "shit no".

My opinion is Fausto never threw strikes. He had the sinker from Hell and in 2007 everyone swung at pitches that would have been balls. The Major League hitters figured him out. They lay off that pitch now. That's how Boston beat him in 2007. Everybody does now.

Well, geez. Is this the most depressed fanbase in baseball? The paper of record has decided to put the voice of the fans on record and before the FIRST SPRING TRAINING GAME has started these cats are raining tears on the Cuyahoga. New Boo Hoo Media. Take us home, linky8.

I got my husband opening day tickets for his birthday. He said I don't know if that means you love or hate me. Pretty much sums it up.

Sums up the Indians or sums up your marriage? Who cares. Something tells me this is going to be a recurring feature on The Plain Dealer AND on WoW.

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"Yeah, but this year our team is looking good."

"Lou Boudreau said the same thing."

I didn't read the story. I am just here for the comments

I didn't read the story either. I just admire Dmac's skills at photoshopping on Kris' behalf.

I hope Iracane submits a comment or two to the Plain Dealer this season. I mean, he was at the Indians' truck day, and all.

That Carmona comment is strangely well-informed, though I doubt the poster did it intentionally. Carmona's O-Swing% did decline substantially in 2008 and 2009 from his excellent 2007 campaign.


Too many jagged edges on the mouth and tongue in this Photoshop, but I'll live with it. It was late when I did it. Just wait 'til you see the next one!

Here's the reason newspaper websites can't go to a pay system. You can cut funding from the Suicide Hotline, but if you take away these people's Wahoo Courier commenting account, then all hell is going to break loose.

I like this feature already. And let's face it - Royals or Astros Comment Of The Day would probably be too depressing since they were all probably at "This Is The Worst Team That Ever Teamed" when pitchers and catchers reported in the first place...

Yeah - Indian fans who still live in Cleveland aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Thank god we play in the absolute worst division in baseball and aren't the Royals.

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