Daniel Tosh Redeems One Father's Adorable Little Disappointment

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Web Redemption - Phillies Fan
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Last night on the Comedy Central "let's collect hilarious clips from the web and make snarky comments about them" show Tosh.0, comedian and host Daniel Tosh presented a video clip featuring that little Phillies fan who threw back her dad's foul ball. It's part of an ongoing series called "Web Redemption" in which Tosh and his people give the stars of infamous web videos a chance to make up for their embarrassing missteps.

Maybe one day, Tosh will have me on the show to redeem myself for a humiliating Bon Jovi karaoke video. Maybe.

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Clay Buchholz looks like he's in mid-season form.

Also, I caution anyone who might Google "clay buchholz girlfriend." NSFW ahoy.

off topic: will there be a WoW NCAA bracket pool?

The kid just did the right thing that she knows. In her age, she doesn't know the how it feels to get a ball from a baseball game. Cute video by the way..
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