Famous Red Sox Fan To Publish New Baseball Novella

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stephenkingfishface.jpg Stephen King was once the Most Famous Author in America. (The current titleholder is Stephenie Meyer.) Now he's just one of many Celebrity Red Sox Fans.

That doesn't mean he hasn't stopped writing. King will soon release a new novella, Blockade Billy, described by King's website thusly:

He may have been the greatest player the game has ever seen, but today no one remembers his name. He was the first -- and only -- player to have his existence completely removed from the record books. Even his team is long forgotten, barely a footnote in the game's history.

Every effort was made to erase any evidence that William Blakely played professional baseball, and with good reason. Blockade Billy had a secret darker than any pill or injection that might cause a scandal in sports today. His secret was much, much worse... and only Stephen King, the most gifted storyteller of our age, can reveal the truth to the world, once and for all.

Since the story that would make the best horror book ever (Phillies win World Series) actually happened two years ago, I guess he has to go with Blockade Billy. Eh, works for me.

There's actually a chance Blockade Billy could be pretty good, especially since it's a novella (a +5 shift in VORK, Value Over Replacement King), is about baseball (+1 VORK) and comes from a small publisher (+3 VORK). There is, of course, also a chance the book will end with the Hand of God helping Blockade Billy hit a homer to win the World Series (-75 VORK).

The book is available pre-order for $25. If I can one day charge twenty-five bucks for one of my novellas, I will consider my life a success.

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Written on the knob of that bat: "Stay in Your Lane Next Time, Ass!"

King Tee > Burger King > Stephen King > King Ralph > Kings Supermarket > Peter King

His chaw was HAUNTED!

If you're wondering, "Value Over Replacement [x]" is pretty much my go-to baseball joke when I don't have anything clever. Eh.

Oh the money I wasted as a kid trying to get that Billy Ripken "f*ck face" card. I could buy a car with that money.

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