Harry Caray's Voice Provides Auditory Cues That Baseball is Nigh

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To a Cubs fan, hearing Harry Caray's voice evokes memories of summertime baseball, not unlike Marcel Proust eating a Madeleine and remembering that he left the oven on back en sa cuisine. To any baseball fan, actually, hearing the disembodied voice of the late Harry Caray stimulates all our senses: we can already feel the warm breeze in the ballparks, smell the peanuts roasting in the concourse, and taste the hot dogs.

Well, maybe the reason I can taste the hot dog is that I ate one on Saturday and it's still repeating on me. But you get the idea. Baseball's on its way!

(We owe French pastry to 'Duk and waxpaperbeercup.)

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Tonight! Halladay and Heyward face off for the first time. An it's on tv.

I've got a base-boner

I can't wait for the WCIU commercial featuring Chip Caray and Joe Carter.

Rob, I think this post is as close to emo as we've ever seen from you. That must have been one magical hot dog.

WOOOOO!!! Cubs Suck! WOOOOO!

/chugs Budweiser triumphantly
/tucks unauthorized Pujols t-shirt into jeans
/drives off in Camaro

If you hadn't read the byline, Gorge, you would have thought it was a Chipper Jones guest post, right?

SNY made one of these to kick off the Mets' season, but in lieu of announcer voice-overs, it's 30 seconds of hamstrings popping.


To me, it's not really baseball season until Trackstar is pestering me to buy his CD for $5 and my Mexican friend Danny has made me my 5th Carne Asada taco in lot A row 8.

And it's not really summer until Beane has traded 2 former prospects for 5 future prospects who will eventually become former prospects.

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