(Alleged) Infamous Anti-Semite Ships Up to Boston

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Notable Irish tenor Ronan Tynan, who was banned from Yankee Stadium because of some off-color remarks about the Jews, has made the expected move and turned over his bald dome and throaty voice to the Boston side. The man who looks like a potato soaked in beer sang his trademark "God Bless America" at the end of the annual South Boston political St Patrick's Day breakfast/wankfest and donned a Red Sox jersey at the behest of one of the hosts.

Will this mean that Tynan will show up for Opening Day in Fenway to sing his signature schmaltz during the seventh-inning stretch? Probably, but it's doubtful the team that cast him off will care. We've still got the disembodied voice of Kate Smith! She's far too dead to make anti-Semitic jokes (anymore)!

Speaking of the Irish, my favorite part about the St. Patrick's Day season is my annual corned beef and cabbage dinner. It's the one time each year I eat Irish food so I can be thankful that I'm Italian and that I have a far better cuisine to draw from over the remaining 364 days.

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I don't care what team you root for: you should be throwing cabbage at this guy during his performances. But use the corned beef for a nice warm Reuben.

Extra kraut, please!
/wipes thousand island from chin

How could you say such things about Irish cuisine? Just last night the lady and I prepared a lovely meal of rock soup with a tidy bowl of grass on the side. Glorious, it was.

/people emigrate for a reason

Theo Epstein must be pissed.

Drew, I think Irish cuisine is an oxymoron.

Perhaps Irish cuisine is an oxymoron, but I bet that happens with a lot of nationalities. Hell, my last name screams "GUTEN TAG!" and I don't even touch sauerkraut. I do like beer, though...

Incidentally, they still love this guy in Buffalo. Not sure what that's supposed to say, but it's true.

I don't know, Irish babies are pretty tasty whether stewed, roasted, baked or boiled. I'm looking for recipes for a fricassee or a ragout on Epicurious and Chowhound this morning.

"Thank you, Boston, for accepting me." What??? Dude, you're a press conference monkey: Put on your jersey, do your song, entertain the drunks, get off the stage.

Man, if I had a dime for every time I heard "do your song, entertain the drunks, get off the stage," I think I could buy a bottle of mountain dew or something...

Is this the "other tenor"?

Who gives a rat's ass about food, the Irish invented Guinness and Whiskey.

Anyone care to join me in the annual "get drunk and punch a Protestant" festivities tomorrow?

Chief, punch them extra hard if they're wearing orange.

UU, my Pappy was suspended from classes at Notre Dame for a week in 1920 for a similar thing. Apparently some wiseass wore an orange tie to breakfast on St. Patrick's Day. Were it not for the intercession of the priests they would have drowned the guy in St. Mary's Lake.

I'm a Protestant. Bring it, tough guy.

Contents of Chief's vomit at 11:15 a.m., Wednesday, March 17: pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers and purple horseshoes.

Oh Berger, let's not get started. Dealing with the Chief on or around March 17th is like talking to the Bush family about an unfinished war: you're unlikely to be met with reason, and lots of people are going to die.

That said, I don't really want to talk politics, I just want to emphasize that Chief Wahoo is a dangerous man once you get past about nine ounces of John Powers. (Once you get past eighteen ounces of John Powers however, he gets verrrry sleeeepy.....)

As for Tynan, I was sick to death of sitting through his bullshit, over-long rendition of "America the Beautiful" in Yankee Stadium. As a Red Sox fan, I can only hope they're not so derivative as to employ the man for being a Yankees-cast-off. Although I know better. It's stunning they didn't give Jason Giambi a ten-year contract.

I'm with Iracene, they should use the time to distribute a piping-hot sausage and peppers to everybody in the stadium.

Well then Edberger,

I'm too old and too wily to be running around starting brawls anymore. My style is more about inciting mobs of drunken Micks at the right moment. It's lovely watching things jump ugly due to a properly directed insult.

You're a clever bastard, Chief. By the way, is it better or worse that I'm not irish in the first place?

You're a clever bastard, Chief. By the way, is it better or worse that I'm not irish in the first place?

Guy Clark is a clever bastard, too.

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