Irritating Radio Host Joins Forces With Philandering Boob

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Attention New York area commuters who choose to torture themselves by listening to sports talk radio: you're in for quite a treat! Bloviating marble-mouthed radio host Mike Francesa must be lonely ever since his caffeine-addled partner Chris Russo left for greener pastures a few years back. How else could one possibly explain the invitation Francesa extended to disgraced former Mets GM and disgraced former ESPN "baseball analyst" Steve Phillips?

Francesa hosts the "Mike'd Up: Francesa on the FAN" show from 1 to 6:20 weekdays on WFAN (660 AM) in New York.

Francesa talked about having Phillips in the studio for weekly segments this season during his show on Monday.

Phillips hasn't had much work since being fired by ESPN for embarrassing himself with an intracompany extramarital affair, or what they call "team building" in Bristol. But hey, he'll get the opportunity to telephone a sports talk show once a week and give his expert opinions on a team he wasn't smart enough to run properly, so good for him.

Let it be known: I do not dislike Steve Phillips because he cheated on his wife. I do not dislike Steve Phillips for committing adultery with a mannish young rectangle-shaped girl. I do not even dislike Steve Phillips for salting the fields of the Mets farm system and setting the organization back 20 years. Heck, I hate the Mets! Good on ya, Steve!

Rather, I dislike Steve Phillips for spending years spewing his opinions on ESPN and getting paid actual money to portray general managers in fake news conferences despite his ineffectiveness as an actual baseball executive. I dislike him for making Joe Morgan seem forward-thinking and open-minded in comparison. I dislike him for his well-coiffed shockingly white head of hair and his (occasional) neatly-groomed facial hair. I dislike him for being right about Cliff Lee.

But mostly, I dislike Steve Phillips for setting a precedent that failed general managers can become talking heads in the media, thus giving birth to Jim Bowden on my satellite radio. Yecch.

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Mike and The Horn Dog.

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