Magnificent MVP Mauer Making Many More Minnesota Millions

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As a nation waited on the edge of its seat, something finally happened. No, I'm not talking about the health care reform. I'm talking about Joe Mauer, silly. On the day when most people actually are awaiting the results of the health-care bill, another drawn-out, long-running story (this one from Major League Baseball) finally came to a close. Dude just got paid. Damn alliteration made it take longer for me to get this post out.

AL MVP Joe Mauer has agreed to an eight-year, $184 million contract extension to stay with the Minnesota Twins.

The deal announced Sunday covers the 2011-2018 seasons and includes a full no-trade clause. It's the culmination of a monthslong negotiation between the Twins and their hometown star.

It's hard, nay impossible to say Mauer doesn't deserve that money (8.0 WAR last season as a catcher), so don't even try. Good for baseball too since this means the rich (Yankees and Red Sox) won't be getting significantly richer anytime soon by acquiring Mauer's services in the free agent market. With Mauer, Morneau, and Denard Span under contract for the long term, the "small-market" Twins have a tremendous core and a nice new stadium to show it off in.

Update: Sorry, forgot this. My wholphin virginity is no more.


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Now he can afford all the Ron Washington his little heart desires.

This news is most definitely worthy of the mighty wholphin.

ALSO, getting this crap done before the season started was a brilliant move. Otherwise, Mauer was gonna get asked about it every damn day and I feared his sideburns would've started to decapitate reporters.

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