Nick Punto, Potential Extenze Spokesman

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The New York Daily News' Jesse Spector recently interviewed Nick Punto, and got a pretty awesome answer to one question:

What is one product that you would like to do a TV commercial for?

Nick Punto: A product... I don't know. I would... that's a tough one, man. Can I get some help?

TB: Sure.

NP: Matty! What product would you like me to do a commercial for?

Brian Duensing: Extenze.

NP: Extenze.

You think this is the only Extenze (sorry, "ExtenZe") reference in professional sports? Please. Kevin Conway drives the #37 ExtenZe car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

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ExtenZe: For even more intense Nickgasms

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Nick Punto sold product to Visanthe Shiancoe 3 years ago.

Someone check Nick Punto's locker for horny goat weed.

He didn't sell them to him, Punto just left it in the Metrodome weight room and Shiancoe found them and took them thinkng they were PEDs

They are PEDs. HI-YO!

Extenze is definitely UP there. Would be an interesting commercial though.

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