Pete Rose To Host WWE Raw; Bob Uecker Newest WWE HOFer

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031610wow.peterose.kane.jpg That's right, folks, there are two baseball-related professional wrestling stories in the news, and I'm going to cover them both!

First off we have the news that Pete Rose will be the guest host for WWE Monday Night Raw on March 22. Hey, that's next Monday!

Pete Rose has done WWE/WWF shows before, as well as commercials! He was also a guest ring announcer at Wrestlemania XIV in Boston, where he told the crowd, "I had tickets for Bill Buckner, but he wasn't able to bend over to pick them up." He was then fictionally beaten up!

Expect a Cinema Varitek on this, as Rose will certainly be fictionally beaten up again by at least one wrestler. Maybe more, if we're lucky.

In other news, Bob Uecker will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next week! He was the master of ceremonies for Wrestlemanias III (Hulk Hogan-Andre the Giant) and IV (WWF Title Tournament), and apparently the WWE has been attempting to induct him for years, but there were always conflicts. William "The Refrigerator" Perry is also a WWE Hall of Famer, incidentally.

Uecker will, naturally, be inducted into the HOF by Dick Ebersol. Pete Rose is already a WWE Hall of Famer, because I think you get paid like 10 grand when you enter the WWE HOF.

And, what that, we end with video of Andre the Giant choking out Bob Uecker.

Amazing Uecker doesn't drop the microphone through all that.

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Someone told Andre the Giant that Uecker was full of Old Dominion.

Even though the picture quality on that embed is worse than anything on Fox Soccer Channel, it's clear to this man that Bob Uecker is a longtime subscriber of the GLT lifestyle.

"You ... (cough) ... ARE ... (hack) ... the Brute ... (gurgle) ... Squad."

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