Ronald McDonald in "Going Batty" - 1983

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In this vintage McDonald's commercial from the early eighties, Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Hamburglar, the Fry Guys, Birdie, and some creepy dude called The Professor play a bastardized version of baseball before giving up and heading over to Mickey D's for assorted fried and processed chicken parts. The characters are quite creepy; no wonder my entire generation has grown up to become horrified by clowns and large purple things.

In this fraudulent excuse for 'baseball', The Professor uses a non-regulation bat that totally ruins the game, so obviously this commercial is an allegory for the upcoming steroids drama that haunted baseball for years.

To wit:

For a second, non-embeddable commercial where Ronald McDonald actually plays with his food, check out this clip featuring the McNuggets and a ton of bad baseball puns.

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This commercial is older than Jason Heyward

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