This Tweet in Baseball: Obamacare Hits Home (Plate)

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Hooray for progress! The United States House of Representatives passed H.R. Bill 3590 last night ensuring that every peanut vendor in baseball will be afforded an opportunity to purchase affordable health care, no matter how many pre-existing peanut allergies they have. But hey, the MLB folk that we follow on Twitter have their own opinions on Obamacare and aren't afraid to make them known.

Here is a small selection of the past week in tweets by some of our favorite players, managers, and 'other' folks:

The always out-spoken C.J. Wilson registers his complaints about Madame Speaker and somehow manages to construct an actual baseball joke:

Jason Grilli doesn't need Obamacare; he's got the Players Union/Cleveland Indians insurance plan to cover all his medical needs. Thank goodness, that knee injury looks pretty bad!

Red Sox catcher Dusty Brown doesn't need discounts in the prices of prescription medication; he prefers to get his meds over the counter:

Gadabout and gourmand Keith Law capitalizes on the health care debate to ensure that Congress tacks on some pork that'll help out aging ballplayers in the Senior Circuit:

Yankees blogger Jason Rosenberg agrees with Keith's ideas about the Demmycrats slipping in some progressive legislation for the world of baseball:

Aussie Ryan Rowland-Smith comes from a place where everyone gets health insurance and is sick and tired of all this nonsensical television coverage of the health care debates:

Wow, it seems like everyone has an opinion about the health care debates. But, one might ask, what does Ozzie Guillen think about all of this?

Uh, I don't think that's in the bill, Oz.

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Ozzie is referring to a strain of weed, that he is now looking forward to obtaining with a medical card.

Who knew Dr. Seuss worked for the Indians?

Sounds like Ozzie is ghost-writing for John Cougar Mellencamp.

TheDustyBrown talking about a laxative? Sounds like he's living up to his name.

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