Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, your brain is a sponge and the internet is filthy dishwater.

Man, the season is approaching quickly. We better kick this thing into gear. Thanks for sticking with us through This Sleepy Winter Of Our Discontent. Shouts to our hilaripals over at 12 Angry Mascots for the Fernando Perez video. See you all tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

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Liakos, if you don't have the 'Noles winning it all, you're not a real fan.

1. God, I missed this bit.

2. Enrico is a Man among mice.

That video is great. Fernando Perez actually has Real Comic Timing. There are SNL cast members without a shred of comic timing, and yet a professional athlete has a whole barrel-ful. Amazing.

Hey, Maximillion is back. Does that mean that spring has finally sprung?

Over the "reporter's" shoulder in that video is a 2/3-burnt religious candle. Good to know that people are still buying those. And burning them.

Oh, I never left. I just could never think of anything clever to say.

Holy shit that was great. The Modell's part killed me.

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