Tonight's Questions

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flamingobaby.jpg Hey kids, not it.

Finally a quick belated congrats to FoWoW and occasional contributor Brian MacPherson on his new gig as the Red Sox writer for the Providence Journal. Dude is incisive and forward thinking with his numbers. Great move for the Projo. That's it for us today, we'll see you tomorrow. You too, Flamingo Baby.

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Odd, my brother-in-law's best friend is replacing Brian at the Manchester Union Leader. SMALL WORLD EH

Nah, he's going to eat the NL alive. My face remains firmly in place.

I second the Halladay dominance. If you want evidence for my conviction, look no further than this favorite of mine:

Congrats and continued success to our WOW pal Brian. Make us proud, or at least a little less ashamed.

I like flamingo baby.

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