Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, napping is not a valid excuse.

So uh, Happy St. Patrick's Day I guess. This is one of those holidays I stopped celebrating after college. Like Cinco De Mayo. But by all means, you go live it up. See you tomorrow, precious. Same WoW channel.


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Free Ron Washington? Free Rock 'N Roll Dad? Ron Washington is Rock 'N Roll Dad!

Shouldn't that be flashing at, say, 150 beats per minute?

HOW much drool will Meech leak out over Domonic Brown this year?

That's not drool...

/lowest common denominator'd

Chuck Knoblauch was actually trying to choke the dog, but his aim was off.

I'm gonna go do some Ron Washington this weekend I think. If the winds blow my way that is.

this Ron Washington thing brings up so many questions.
Where was he doing this?
who was he with?
was he listening to DJ Pauly D while blowing rails?
Was Josh Hamilton involved?

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