Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, got a bottle of tokay.

  • HOW will eliminating the day off between Games 4 and 5 of the LCS affect the playoffs? Dunno, but it's also taking away a day off from beer to drink water. That is going to affect my headache.

  • DO you like baseball movies and/or dreamy Hollywood dreamboats? Then here's a double dose of good news: Owen Wilson plays a baseball player in a new James L. Brooks film and Jake Gyllenhall and Jim Carrey are gonna be in Damn Yankees film remake. I got callbacks for both films but thought they were below me.

  • WHAT is your favorite thing about Spring? Some would say the weather, some would say the vegetation, some would say girls wearing sundresses, others would say Jay Mariotti and Ozzie Guillen bickering like two drunk grammas. I don't wanna know those people.

  • DON'T you wish more ballplayers were as honest as the Rangers' Tommy Hunter about the sleepy little burghs they inhabit during Spring. Something tells me he aint being named to the Surprise, AZ Chamber of Commerce anytime soon.

  • DID you remember to vote for Seattle Mariner Kanekoa Texeira's new nickname? Of course you did.

  • YOU know what that picture (made by DMac) up there means don't you? The Walkoff Walk Furious Five Radio Show is about to storm back into your life after disappearing for months and just expects everything to be fine and dandy. Are you gonna let it just walk all over you like that? Well if so, you can listen live TONIGHT AT 730 or download for all of eternity by going here. It's me and Drew and DMac talking baseball (and a little bit of film) and we'd just love for you to tune in.

So I'm gonna go gargle with some turpentine to warm up the old v chords for that. We'll see you back here on the textual side of things tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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Will this radio program be on the FM or the AM?

Right the first time, Liakos, that was Jake Gyllenhall beneath you.

Some "highlights" from a local Indians preview:

Jake Westbrook — It's easy to forget how good he was before missing the last two years due to elbow surgery.

Travis Hafner — For now, the only thing the Indians lead the league in is "ifs."

Kerry Wood — He'll spend the first four to six weeks of the season on the disabled list

Justin Masterson — Indians officials basically handed him the No. 3 spot in the rotation at the start of camp, an interesting decision given that No. 3 starters on good teams are expected to win at least 10 games, and Masterson last year was 1-7.

Rafael Perez — Starting in 2007, his ERA has gone from 1.78 to 3.54 to a ridiculous 7.31.

Seriously, these are the positives. Kill me now.

Re: Strasburg and the "intentional demotion" from the Furious Five...

Was this even such a well known phenomenon until the Rays did it with Longoria? I feel like this move wasn't really in the realm of consciousness until the "savvy because they're playoff-bound-but-even-they-can't-believe-it 2008" Rays did it?

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