Wasting Your Time: A Final Installment of LOLSpringTraining

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Welp, with only a few more days left in Spring Training (and nothing else to write about with the exception of ZOMG Tim Lincecum's finger!) I figure we can beat the dead equine one last time and make some minor improvements to otherwise ordinary Spring Training photos. Without further ado.

Apparently Matt Holliday is still upset about trying to catch that fly ball in the playoffs with his taint.

Holliday face.jpg

This picture is almost too good to be true.

O'Reilly Minaya.jpg

Pablo Sandoval has a request.

sandoval finger.jpg

A new take on a classic.


Lou Pinella is not happy.

Pinella phone.jpg

Did Johnny Damon have Chipotle before the game?

Damon fart.jpg

He had to have learned it from someone...


Originals courtesy of Daylife. Yours in the comments.

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O'Reilly looks like he's gonna take a bite out of Minaya's neck.

Hey. I have coconut rum, light rum, pineapple/orange juice, grenadine, and sprite for some reason. I decided to make a cocktail with them.

I now have diabeetus.

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