Wasting Your Time: More Fun With Spring Training Photos

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As you're well aware, Spring Training is still here and in full swing. This is especially true if you're a Braves fan as Jason Heyward has now probably hit your vehicle with a ball regardless of where you are in the state relative to him. A veritable flood of photos are starting to hit the wires as teams countdown towards opening day. I've undertaken this endeavor before on my other site, but my longing for real baseball that actually means something still abounds so I figured it's time to do it again with you fine folks to help pass the time.

Mike Scioscia seems concerned.

Scioscia Question.jpg

Should Tony LaRussa be worried too?

Larussa messed up field.jpg

Word on the street is Timmy got ahold of some good stuff this past weekend.

Tim Lincecum floating ball woah.jpg

The Phillies teach their players proper classroom etiquette.

Ryan Howard question.jpg

He's not that easy to get rid of, Hanley.

Albert Pujols arm raise.jpg

Because it had to have been an inside job. Really inside.

Ryan Howard, Fogle.jpg

How to make it in the Royals organization, a story in two parts...

Billy Butler blowing bubble.jpg


Peter Gammons GMDM.JPG

Original images courtesy of Daylife. Make them yourself.

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