Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, you can have anybody you want.

  • DO you agree with the Braves' decision to start Jason Heyward on Opening Day thus start the clock ticking on his arb clock? I can see both sides, but it's nice to think that maybe the NL East will be so competitive that the first month of the season may actually turn out meaning something.

  • HOW much air gets let out of the Mariners' excitement baloon after the news that Cliff Lee is being shut down for a week and may begin the season on the DL?

  • WHAT team will Derek Jeter buy after he retires? Not even the Yankees pay you enough money to buy the Yankees.

  • DOES the fact that realignment is being discussed in union meetings mean that this has a chance to be a real, actual, living thing?

  • WHAT will make for better viewing: repeatedly watching that Baseball Samurai video up there or going to check out Greenberg that movie by that guy that we talked about on that podcast?

  • HAVE you read the latest heartwarming installment of the Pitchers & Poets guy coaching his little league team? Adorablog.

Welp, it's the final weekend of Spring Training. Lots of good college basketball on TV and great shows wherever your local live music hall may be, so go and enjoy yourself. Cause next weekend baseball is back. And it's gonna want your full attention for awhile. Same WoWza Woo Woo.

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Jeter will be co-owner of the 2019 expansion Charlotte MudDogCats, playing in the four-team AL Southeast division with the Rays, Orioles and Nashville Dadgums.

WHAT will I be writing about tomorrow? I don't know, but I'm open to suggestions. Damn you boring offseason.

Jeter isn't going to buy an MLB team. He's going to buy Hideki Irabu's island and never have to see a jamook again for the rest of his life.

Jeter just wants a Ball Park Frank. This is just a big misunderstanding

No Kris, YOU are adorablog.

"Realignment" is actually a code word for merging with the NHL.

Who drafted Mitch Talbot in the WOWie fantasy league? Because the Talbot Era has begun in The Cleve.

Chief, I didn't get Talbot, but I got Branyan AND Cabrera. Pinch me.

wow that looks pretty nice my fried and he is too cute ! oh my God.
from Harris braindump

wow that looks pretty nice my fried and he is too cute ! oh my God.
from Harris braindump

Hay guys its really interesting, and to be very honest i am fully agreed with his proposal.

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