Who Needs Parking When You Can Have Football?

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Dodgers owner Frank McCourt obviously doesn't have enough on his plate right now: while going through a nasty divorce and wrangling over team ownership with his politically-aspiring nutso wife, he decides now would be a great time to bring up building an NFL stadium smack dab in the middle of the Dodger Stadium parking lots.

"There's no question L.A. should have an NFL franchise," he said. "It's probably the worst-kept secret in Los Angeles that the NFL would love to be at Chavez Ravine. Other than that, I can't comment right now."

Thing is, Chavez Ravine is not exactly the easiest place to access if you don't have a car. The phrases "public transportation" and "Dodger Stadium" go together about as well as "Bill Plaschke" and "rational thought". You simply cannot get to Dodger Stadium without a car. The parking lots are vast but actually getting there and getting out of there are impossible because of the poor access. Why do you think the stadium fills up late and empties out early?

Taking away parking won't necessarily make anything worse but it can't make it any better. I'm no transportation engineer (although I wanted to be when I watched the movie Singles) but the whole idea doesn't add up. How will they replace those precious acres of parking spots? With difficult to navigate parking garages? Flying cars? A monorail?

Sure, L.A. should have a pro football team. But they've been there, done that. Los Angeles has tried NFL football in Memorial Coliseum and in nearby Anaheim for decades, but the teams left. They even met with McCourt five years ago and what came of that? Nothing. Rumor has it that Paul Tagliabue wanted to put a stadium on top of the Hollywood sign.

Still, I fear the day someone plops a bloated football stadium next door to what is actually a nice, quiet ballpark to visit. Yes, even with all those annoying Dodgers fans.

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Is that Giants Stadium? Maybe that's a way to save costs; McCourt can just buy the remains of the old Meadowlands and have them flown and re-assembled in Los Angeles.


+1, Matt. Now I regret not putting Xzibit in that pic.

And good news: They can probably play Little League games on that field during the just 357 days a year when the stadium is empty.

The foliage in the Dodgers parking lot makes the whole layout look like some sort of ferocious animal paw, which means only one thing:

Frank McCourt loves the panther swipe.

Who needs footing when you can have parkball?

As an LA resident without a car/giant stubborn moron, I can say that the stadium is accessible with a short uphill walk (it's downhill on the way out!). Many friends started parking outside and walking with me because the lots cost more than the upper deck tickets we buy.

But expecting a football-stadium sized group of people in LA to join us in our spendthrift, hipster ways will never happen, so I guess I don't really have a point. I just wanna feel included sometimes :( Give me some clever alliterative slogans for signs and I'll stage a useless protest if this ever really happens.

edmrrrry knows where it's at. Walk an extra 10 minutes and get away from the lazy bastards. Take some SHRIMP with you and throw them at cars in protest.

I think they may as well put a football stadium in the dodgers parking lot. I've never seen so much parking. This is counting New Jersey Malls. Besides, neither team will ever fill their stadium.

This isn't as crazy as you might think. O'Malley wanted to do the same thing, but forces within the city leadership were still trying to get a stadium in downtown and shot him down.

A baseball stadium downtown I get. A football stadium downtown... seems like it would be empty a lot. Unless LA also gets U2 to rock out at the 20th Century Fox Stadium every night!


Maybe if that happens, they could get a Doors cover band to play before the first game there, and if 20th really did sponsor it, when the band played this there would be so much meta in the air Xzibit's skull would implode.

What about installing a bocce pit for Lasorda?

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