Alex Rios, Ozzie Guillen And The Most Exciting Home Run Of The Year

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If you tuned into the very start of the Podcast last night (instead of watching Lost like a dork or napping like me) you heard a few minutes of electric play by play as Rob and Drew followed along with Ricky Romero's no hit bid against the White Sox. Alex Rios, a former Blue Jay that has been an object of much derision in Toronto over the last couple seasons and at the very least a topic for spirited discussion elsewhere, stepped to the plate with one down in the 8th. He launched a two run ding dong to deepest darkest left, and there went Romero's no-no.

Now back to that derision. Rios has taken the high road when it comes to the scrutiny he took in Toronto, much of it asinine. But that was probably the smartest thing for a guy to do after he signs a $69M contract extension and his numbers promptly take a small dive. Of course, none of it went unnoticed by Rios' manager Ozzie Guillen who, pregame yesterday, threatened to beat up a child to support his player. Remember this?

In the video, a kid is trying to get an autograph, and then an adult starts yelling stuff at Rios when he apparently refused.

"If you put yourself in Alex Rios' shoes, that kid is lucky it wasn't Ozzie,'' Guillen said. "I would beat the [crap] out of him and the guys. Because the way they approached him to go to that point, is not the way to approach a human being. They were making fun of him.

"I swear to God, I'll be in jail right now. Because the people surrounding him were harassing him and I don't think they approached him the right way. They forgot. I saw the YouTube with his wife next to him. People think they can do whatever they want with celebrities, 'Oh, us poor people, whoever makes money or whoever a celebrity is.' That's not right.''

Alright, then. For his part, Rios was quoted in that same story continuing to say things like "It wasn't my choice to leave here, they [waived] me, but it's all good. It's part of the game. It keeps the game exciting," and as for the boos said "I don't mind it. I had it many times here, so I'm kind of used to it.'' Even last night after the game, Rios said he had mixed emotions about his tot because Romero is a friend.

We can take Rios at face value and believe that the home run would have felt good (or not even that good, since the White Sox still lost) against any other team, and we can also discount the true weight of how much he should even mean to us given the disproportionately loud voice that the Jays Internet Diaspora carries. There are certainly guys who have done less to earn their money over the past two years and escaped much of the heat. But it's way more fun to buy into Rios vs. the Boo Birds and the age old revenge fantasy it conjures.

And it's also fun to imagine Ozzie Guillen in jail.

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That was a great podcast last night and I'm actually kinda glad the no-hitter bid ended when it did, lest Drew turn into a giggly schoolgirl for the entire half hour.

Instead, he became a foaming-at-the-mouth Pierzynski hater.

Ozzie Guillen in jail

/drags tin cup against bars

It took Drew this long to hate Pierzinski?

It's good to see Drew join the Pierzynski Haters' Club... no matter how late in life.

He was already an A.J. hater, I suppose, but he took it to a whole, new level last night. High enough that A.J. should probably get a police escort to the Rogers Centre today.

AJ has to get hit today right? I mean Cito isnt' going to puss out is he? THROW AT HIS DUMB FACE

At that precise moment, we were all Cubs fans.

Not sure if there is a bigger d-bag than Pierzynski in the game right now.

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