Bazooka Big League Bubblegum Chewing Contest - 1975

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Via our pal Meech at The Fightins from a coupla months back come these two clips from "The Baseball World of Joe Garagiola". Joe hosted the show as a pregame for the Monday Night Baseball series on ABC in the 1970s; this episode pitted Brewers legend Kurt Bevacqua and the late great Johnny Oates, then of the Phillies, in a bubblegum-blowing contest.

The good people at Bazooka spent all season finding two worthy competitors, going from clubhouse to clubhouse and challenging players to blow their best. This was not the first time they put up a whopping $1000 for the winner of such a silly contest: be sure to check out former champ Andy Messersmith's fantastic afro in the video below. The end of the video features two retro commercials, so skip those unless you have a hankering for nostalgia.

The actual contest is embedded below. I'd ask you to get excited for the stunning conclusion but watching this is about as exciting as watching grass grow.

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Is that Corey Feldman in the Zerex ad (6:30 of pt 2)?

Not sure, GF. I missed the part where he's sipping the antifreeze.

As a punishment later in life, I will use this as a form of timeout for my child(ren). This was so impossibly boring, I actually became interested in just how much more boring it could get.

If any of you try and say Grape Bazooka wasn't the best flavur, I'll make you all watch that video every day.

Wait. There was grape bazooka?!

Sorry, but grape Bubble Yum was the good stuff. Spider eggs and all.

The show was actually on NBC, which had Monday Night Baseball before ABC took it over in 1976.

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