Beacons: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • Padres at Marlins, 12:10: Your (tied for) first place Pahds and your scrappy still scoreboardless Fish battle for the rubs. Correia v. Robertson. Both parties have agreed to dismiss their court cases and have their disputes settled HERE. In OUR forum.

  • Pirates at Brewers, 1:10: Even with their 7-4 win last night the Pirates have still been outscored 56-11 by the Brewers this season. In five games. You're telling me they couldn't use Rinku and/or Dinesh right now? Pat Maholm "Boy" v. Chris "Starvin" Narveson. The Peopllllllleeee's COURT.

  • Dodgers at Mets. 1:10: Your first place Mets (/shuts down blog) swept yesterday's double dip and boy are those Dodgers reeling. "We're playing with a lot of confidence right now," says Jeff Francouer (/burns down blog and vows to never write about baseball again). Joe Ely is pitching for the Dodgers? I love "Me And Billy The Kid!" I saw him with Guy Clark once! I saw him with Guy Clark once! Oh. John Ely.

  • Mariners at Royals, 2:10: Rubbin is racing in KC. Ryan Rowland-Smith takes on Gil Meche, who has been just abysmal thus far. 12 BB to 7 K and 19 H in 12 IP. Ouch. Who does he think he is, Jake Westbrook? Ichiro has 9 hits in 14 career Abs against Meche, so you know he'll have plenty of opportunities to get stranded in scoring position today.

  • Nationals at Cubs, 2:20: More rubs in Chicago since the feisty Nats snapped the Cubbies' 6 game winning streak last night. Did you know the Washington Nationals lead baseball in stolen bases? They lead something! What happens if they hang around until the All-Star break? Luis Atilando v. Ryan Dempster. And hey, look. The Cubs shot down an anti-SB1070 scoreboard message.

  • Boycott The Diamondbacks at Rockies, 3:10: Kris Benson vs. Greg Smith with rubber on the line. Protests in the lot.

  • Phillies at Giants, 3:45: Cole Hamels against Tim Lincecum in the big name matchup of the day. In case you were unaware, Lincecum is pitching even better so far this season than he ever has. His WHIP is under 1 and he's struck out 32 vs. 6 BB. Hamels, not so much. He's already given up 7 tater tots and more hits than innings pitched. Phils have lost 4 of 5.

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There was a time when countering Tim Lincecum with Cole Hamels was a good thing for Phillies fans. 2008 was a heady time, indeed.

Maybe that weird guy wearing socks and sandals can help Hamels out some time this year.

There really are protests in the lot. Bring your own horchata.

With all this bragging about being in first place in April, Mets fans are impeding on Royals territory.

Padres fans get to watch their team play at 9:10 in the morning. That early start time prevented me from getting Correia into my fantasy lineup. I hope he gets shelled today so I look like a genius.

Timmy Timmy Timmy Timmy
/dusts off broom

Woah. Jorge Cantu just Sassy Senior'd the hell out of a baseball.

Fuck a horchata. I'm talking Mandarin Lime Jarritos, puto.

Correia's line was:
5IP 8H 4ER 1BB 4Ks
He got the win because the the Marlins pitching staff was even shittier. That win would have been nice but keeping him out of my line up keeps my WHIP and ERA nice and tidy. So this mistake makes me look somewhat smart. I wouldn't call myself a genius though. One more thing, I love lamp

It is not Trevor Time

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