Troy From West Virginia Returns, Reminds You That The Internet Is A Wonderful Place

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It's been quite the weekend for retrospective pieces on some of the landmark WoW personalities. Yesterday we had Chipper Jones. Today it's the indefatigable homerism of the Los Angeles Dodgers' most dedicated out-of-state fan, Troy from West Virginia. No stranger to the glories that the World Wide Web offers to those courageous enough to post videos of themselves on Youtube, Troy (now with a sweet beard) is back at it again in his latest video, a tribute to the 2010 LA Dodgers.

It's... it's mesmerizing. But perhaps the strangest part of all of this is the fact that Rob, who had pointed out the new video earlier that day, actually saw him at the Nationals game yesterday. Make of that what you will.

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Troy makes me dislike the Dodgers less...a little less.

I love that he didn't bother to write any lyrics besides "We are the LA Dodgers" for the chorus.

I love Troy as a Dodger fan. But I am kind of bummed hat he mispronounced Kim Ng's last name.

the fuck does idefagtibakekele mean?

Somewhere, Billy Joel is in a drunken rampage.

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