EdBerger's 30 Clubs In 30 Songs: Arizona & Atlanta

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You may know Ed Klingenberger as commenter extraordinaire EdBerger. But he's not just a witty baseball fan, he's also an eclectic and supremely talented musician fluent in many styles of batshit RnR. His new project is so ambitious and utterly WoWian that I had to ask him if we could link it here.

Ed is writing, performing and recording a song for each of the 30 major league ballclubs. I know, right? First up was Arizona. The Snakes' song gets its slither on with some hazy guitar and progged out time changes. It's like going to Chase Field with Robert Fripp.

ARIZONA by Ed Klingenberger

Then yesterday, he rolled out his tune for the Braves. It's in the style of Atlanta heavy bros Mastodon and is the perfect thing to blast out of your headphones and freak out people on the MARTA.

ATLANTA by Ed Klingenberger

We'll be linking to Ed's team themed boom tunes each time he drops one, but I urge you to peruse the back catalog over at Ed Makes Things if you're feeling freaky.

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Great work, Ed. When does the vinyl drop?

Great work Ed? Great work, Rob. When does the baby drop?

Very cool, Ed. For those about to rock, we salute you. \m/

The Braves listened to that track in the dugout before the bottom of the ninth last night, then went out and shit all over Ryan Madson's face. To be fair, Madson is one of the more face-shitting-friendly "closers" in the league.

/pokes head in the door

Can't wait to hear all these songs, Ed.
You should get "Black" Jack McDowell to drop some guitar for you for the White Sox song.

"Face-shitting-friendly closer" sounds like a term you'd pay extra for on Craigslist.

Wait was I supposed to ask permission before posting?
Sorry Ed, I tumblr-ed it yesterday.
hope that was ok... if not lemme know I'll take it down

Thanks, guys! Baltimore drops on Friday (just have to record the vocals), then Boston will be released next week. I'm in the process of writing the Chicago tunes as well.

Matt, that's fine. Go ahead and leave it up (that's what she said) - I don't mind in the least.

I can't wait for Boston to drop into the Atlantic Ocean.

Be sure you are name-checking The Wire throughout the Baltimore song, Ed. I don't want any of the kids today to be mad at ya.

Uh oh. I didn't write in a The Wire reference. Maybe I'll just name-check it once in the middle of the song or something...

Very fun project, EdB. Nice work!

At the end of it, just yell out "THE WIRE!" and then throw the microphone.

I've listened to "Snakes" about 5 times today. That's a good frigging song.

These are so cool, Ed! You're very talented! I'm looking forward to your Hall and Oates interpretation when you get to Philadelphia.

Thanks again for all of this, y'all. I'm just getting started here. I don't fully know how all of this is gonna turn out, but I'll stick with this until I get every team. It's proven to be a lot of fun already and I'm looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead. Luckily, I've got ideas for just about every team at this point, though I love all the suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

Most impressive, EB.
Can't wait for you to use John Denver for Colorado. Then I kill you.

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