Giant Spelling Error Makes Eugenio Look San Fran-Silly

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Is there anything we bloggers love more than a misspelling on a professional athlete's uniform? No way, we jump on meaningless mistakes like this with fervor, especially when they happen to baseball's favorite punchline of a team. Well, if the "Natinals" letter stitcher got canned last year, he found a new job across the country.

The latest victim of the dreaded sartorial gaffe? The Giants' infielder Eugenio Velez, whose road jersey incorrectly read S-A-N F-R-A-N-C-I-C-S-O during the Giants' 10-4 win over the struggling Astros. San Fran-cic-so? That place doesn't exist! I doubt anyone noticed; his was the only one of 25 players to have letters transposed on the front of his shirt, and half of the population in the greater Houston area can't read above a fifth grade level anyway

"No, no, I didn't know," he told The Associated Press by cell phone from the team bus on the way to the airport. "That's the first I've heard."

"Increible!" the Dominican backup said in Spanish.

Wait, the AP spelled 'incredible' wrong.

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They also misspelled "fatass who can rake and I wish he was on Oakland" as "Sandoval".

They also misspelled "fatass who can rake and I wish he was on Oakland" as "Sandoval".

Iracane - a month from now I'm shoving a 40 of Olde English down your gullet.

"Guy Clark" was spelled correctly, however.

I can't believe the AP saw fit to reference a "Dominican backup". Saucy!

I love this comment on "This is all SABEAN's FAULT ... FIRE BOCHY ... they cant even spell rite ... and it's obious that this team can't hit"


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