Jorge Cantu One Of THOSE Fans At Raiders Games

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So... did anybody else notice this in the baseball blogosphere? Oh, probably, but I'm not bothering to check it. Hey, guys, what's up! Check this out: The Florida Marlins' Jorge Cantu, currently rocking a 20-game hitting streak, is part of the Black Hole at at least one Raiders game a year!

"I'm a big Raiders fan, even though they're not that good,'' Cantu said. "But I'm a big, big loyal fan. I sit in the Black Hole [section] every single year to watch them play. I wear my skeleton mask and everything.''

Can you spot Jorge Cantu in the photo above? I just stole it from Wikipedia user BrokenSphere and added that text, so... no, you probably can't.

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An entire post about Jorge Cantu and NO mention of his Sassy Seniority?!?

Also a massive Raiders fan: CC Sabathia. Literally. He's a Raiders fan, and he's massive.

Cantu just likes the Raiders because he's a fan of late-80s West Coast hip-hop. He listens to D.O.C. records to psych himself up.

Nick just sent Rob on a google search for the meaning of the phrase hip-hop.

+1 Wahoo

C'mon, guys. I know what hip-hop is. After all, I listened to Sixpence None The Richer back in the 90s.

Rob LOVES Q-Tip's verse on Groove is in the Heart.

Give me some of that old time hip-hop like those Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff fellas, thank you very much.

Rob likes big butts and he cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny

Give me a break. When SS Cantu isn't screaming at the Black Hole, he's with his homies:

A Raiders fan?
Well that explains the domestic abuse charges.

I'd like to thank me for putting "Groove is in the Heart" in my head for the last 5 hours. It's been an awesome day.

If one were to jump off of a highway overpass, should they try to land feet first or face first? Hypothetical.

This is as good a time as ever to mention that Bootsy Collins has the worst Twitter imaginable.

Really? Bootsy has the worst Twitter imaginable? That's a shame. I figured he'd be a lock for a "hilariously insane" feed...

I want a churro.

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