Local Dog Expresses Opinion of Local Team

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The Naturals, a Royals minor league affiliate located in the armpit of Arkansas, tries to do the right thing for homeless canines by endorsing the "Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game". They parade a dog from a local animal shelter on the field between innings and hope that some broad in the stands oohs and aahs enough to adopt it. During a recent promotion, one of these pups got loose from his handler and decided to return to the field so he could let everyone in the park know just how he felt about the team:

Whoops! In related news, here's some gal showing the world just how obedient her dog is:

(via Flubby's The Sugar Sheet and Big League Stew)

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The only thing funnier than pooping dog videos are humping dog videos set to Gus Johnson announcing.


Rob, why are you posting here and not at the Yankee game?

Was that second dog's name Joba?

I haven't seen such shit in the outfield since game 2 of the 2009 NLDS! HIYOOOOO

Seriously though if you want a dog, please adopt. There are a bazillion great dogs in shelters who will make just as great a companion as a $1300 Labradoodle.

/back to the funny

The Naturals have a brand new stadium. How dare you besmirch their good name? I am slightly offended that I live so close to what you refer to as the "armpit of Arkansas." It's at least the nipple hair of Arkansas!

Whatever you do, don't buy a dog from a pet store.

That area is probably the nicest part of Arkansas. So, yeah, it's at least the nipple hair.

Northeast Arkansas on the other hand - probably the ass hair of Arkansas.

UU, I am indeed at the game!

Hey Nick tell Mrs Utley I said hello

Oh I will.

You know Rob, even the Grinch had a dog.

Ironically, the dog's official show name is Detroit Tigers' Color Commentator Rod Allen.

I'd pet that.

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