Mike Bascik Leaves The Reservation, Shares Aggressive Thoughts Via His Twitter Account

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Former MLB pitcher Mike Bascik decided to take spice up the Internets tonight. During his career as a pitcher Bascik earned the dubious honor of giving up Barry Bonds record-breaking 756th career homer. Now that he's moved into broadcasting at a sports radio station in Texas, Bascik apparently wants to be just as memorable. The former hurler apparently had some choice thoughts about the San Anotonio / Dallas basketball game that he felt compelled to share with the world on Twitter, a site that advertises itself as providing readers with a way to get "short, timely messages" from the folks you follow and care to read. After this, that's certainly one way of putting it.


Well... that certainly escalated quickly. Again, it may not be him at all, but umm, holy shit.

(Coke Zero to Yahoo's David Brown for bringing it my attention on Twitter, of all places)

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I guess Bascik doesn't want a churro.

No idea why the images are so blurry folks, something happened in upload and I can't get my head around it. Hopefully you can make most of his sentiments out.

Reasonable explanation: Mark Cuban hijacked Mike Bacsik's twitter account.

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