MLB To Youth: We Hate Your Style Of Dress

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rays-full-zip-hoodie.jpg I think we can all agree that baseball would be better if managers didn't wear uniforms1 and all dressed like Connie Mack.

Major League Baseball doesn't allow managers to wear three-piece suits anymore, and now it won't even let them wear hoodies! Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon can no longer wear the pullover hoodie he usually wears on cold days.

Was he aping too much of Bill Belichick's style? No, Maddon explains: It's all about MLB not understanding the youth of today.

"All I know is that it's a comfortable piece of clothing, I think it's attractive, if you're looking for younger fan, I think those are the people that really are attracted to something like that, too. Listen, I will state my case because I think I can, but I will follow the rules, too."

Maddon added that when he first wore the hoodie. the quality wasn't so hot. "The quality has been raised, it's more of a shiny kind of material now that I know presents well," he told the AP. "I've seen them on TV, it presents really well."

Yes, major league baseball will allow players2 to wear batting helmets that look like they've been used to clean up bong resin3 on off days, but they won't let managers wear hoodies on TV that present really well. We all know that MLB just hates the kiddies and their hoodies and their hippity-hop. Fight the power, Joe!

1 I doubt we can all agree on this. But I already wrote my first sentence, and found that photo of Connie Mack, and I'm not going back to change it. But coaches and managers wearing uniforms: Stupid. I will not relent on this. Except player-managers, of course.
2 Such as Jorge Posada, the future Hall of Famer who just went out to the mound five times as I was writing this footnote.
3 Happy 4/20, everyone!

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You know how Connie Mack come through on the club tip.

Rob IMed me as soon as I posted this: "gotta get that 4/20 reference in for our readers!@!!" Astute observation.

Wait...dude, what? Shiny? Does that mean it's like, material from the future?

There is a lot of money for MLB to make selling proper jackets, and when schmucks like us watch baseball on teevee, the only human wearing said jacket is the manager. Jackets must have far higher markups than hoodies? I have no idea.

MLB Hoodies: Get The Gear The Pros Are No Longer Allowed To Wear On The Field

MLB just has boxes of satin jackets lying around from the 80's. If Maddon is cold, he can wear an old Brewers jacket.

I'm pretty sure you're right, Rob.

Now I just need to pitch "Official MLB batting helmet cleaner" and maybe we can get some clean helmets on the field.

I whole-heartedly agree with Maddon. The material that many of the new Majestic MLB items are made out of is quite possibly the greatest fabric since pussyflannel*. I wear my 2008 playoffs sweatshirt so often that the pills now have pills on them. HAWT

*pussyflannel coming soon

You think Maddon's mad now, but wait until MLB cracks down on his fixie.

What do Corbin Bernsen, Theo Huxtable, Prince Fielder's GAMBLOR-worshiping deadbeat dad, some whitey hockey dude, little Eli Manning and Brooke Shields have in common? They were all robbed at gunpoint for their hats and jackets.

I have that sweatshirt. It does rock. I was expecting to have to wear it a lot more but it's been warm for the two games I have gone to. I am going to tonight and the game time temp is supposed to be 70. Oh well, I will get a lot of use out of it in late October and ealry November.

Not hoodie related, but 4/20 related. Yankee homer alert: today is Don Mattingly's birthday.



It's good to be in my shoes right now.

What a perfect post for me to say: I ordered a Padres hat the other day when MLB had that one-day-only 25% off hats deal, and I got it today - only it was a Yankee hat.


/angrily shakes fist

My people are everywhere, Phony.

Two (2) words for you Phony: target practice.

Phony, was it a green Yankees Hat? I know of a food/baseball blogger who will take that off your hands toot de suite.

freetzy, is Corbin only in that commercial because he was in the Major League movies? What, was Charlie Sheen too [generic drug reference]'d up to sit in a chair?

Impromptu Tonight's Question:

WILL you all go home and throw on some classic Gang Starr in memory of the almighty Guru, who passed away after a long battle with cancer? Start here, then check this out, then wrap it up over here. Respect.

Never heard of Gang Starr until today. Now I know how black people felt when Alex Chilton died.

Did you sleep through 1989-1994? Hard to Earn is probably one of the five greatest hip-hop records of all time. Witness.

1.) Rob's comment last comment is amazing.

2.) Yes, I did sleep through 1989-1994. Well most of it. Because I was still 6 years old or younger. Naptime, bitches.

Fucking whippersnappers.

Thanks Asdrubal Cabrera, you asshole. Due to your shoddy fielding I have to wear a Twins hat til the all-star break.

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