Morning: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • Royals at Blue Jays, 12:37: The Birds have one hand on the broom closet today against the Royals. They've ostensibly got their work cut out for them against Smilin' Zack Greinke, although he has yet to deliver any transcendent stuff in 3 starts this season. He's given up 20 hits in 17 IP and an uncharacteristic 6 BB and 2HR. Small sample size, but the Blue Jays have hit the most ding dongs in all of baseball. Gonna need his K game. Vernon Wells is still hot as a bastard totting again last night.

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Is this where we talk about Greinke no-hitting the worsening Blue Jays offense through three innings?

I clearly see a hit and 2 runs for the Jays on the scoreboard, Robert.

Iracane Jinx in effect for 2010, I see.

Maybe you should talk about how Jeter has been relatively injury free throughout his career

The Orioles get the King tonight, then series against Red Sox, Yankees, Red Sox, Yankees. It's been real, Balmer--see ya in 2011!

With the way that the Sox have been playing, the O's should be able to go .500 over the next 4 series.

Speaking of Sox panic, Jonah Keri did 50 minutes on the most recent Sports Guy podcast. I know, Simmons blah blah blah, it was really good. You might want to re-read Joba's piece first, it puts the discussion in the proper perspective.

Did I mention that I beat Jonah in the WoW Basketball league? Oh I did? I wasn't sure. Because I beat him. Jonah. Beat Jonah Keri.

FACT: Milo Hamilton was in Pavement, but is not part of this year's reunion tour.

Congrats, Nick.
I'll be fucking magnanimous.


You are the epitome of graciousness, Phillas. I could learn a thing or two. But I'm too busy celebrating my victory to learn a lesson.

Jesus, Roy Halladay is really fucking good.

My memory's pretty hazy from all the booze and Big Brother chants, but I can't really remember a 7-inning+ no-hitter being broken up on a sharp comebacker off the gut.

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