Muerte De Antoñito El Camborio: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • Rockies at Brewers, 1:10 PM: Rubber in Milwaukee with Aaron Cook taking the hill for the visitors and Doug Davis defending the house. Old Guy punchline Jim Edmonds could make people stop snickering. He's 9 for 16 in his career against Cook with 3 ding dongs. Miller vs. Coors, who ya got? Pete Coors is a facist.

  • Giants at Astros, 2:05 PM: No longer the FACE OF THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cain is still an above average third starter and looks to continue the SF rotation's solid start. Lincecum and Zito powered the team through the first two games and pass the broom to Cain like a baton. Slackjawed yokel simpleton Brett Myers takes the hill for Houston.

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Pete Coors is a horrible person

Coors Light: Horrible Beer For Horrible People

Anyone see the Parks and Rec episode where they spoofed Pete Coors? No? Well I did.

I did. That Amy Poehler...what a cutup.

If you threw a fake referee into that pic, you'd have the essential elements of every commercial that runs through every break of every NFL game.

Both brands are sold by the MillerCoors joint venture. DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?

I must be missing something but what did Pete Coors do wrong besides making shitty beer?

Pete Orr is a horrible ball player.

@ The Colonel, my best friend's dad LOVED Pete Orr.
"That is one fast, hustling guy"
The only person I've ever met who was sad when he left Atlanta


He ran over Kris's, Matt T's, and Ed Berger's respective cats in separate yet equally tragic incidents.

@BCTF, and he's a huge Florida Gators fan.

Say what you want about Pete Coors, he's not responsible for this abomination:

Gaaaator fans

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