Opening Day Lineupstravaganza: Indians at White Sox, 2:05PM

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I find it mildly hilarious that Jake Westbrook, perhaps the player I pilloried most during our first year of existence, is the first opening day starter I get to talk about. He makes his faminey return to the mound after missing almost all of the last TWO seasons and pocketing $22M for it. And thus the Indians enter once more into the breach, doing so without a whole lot of fan enthusiasm and veering dangerously close to the aura of the old Cleveland Stadium/Major League days.

This White Sox team is intriguing. I picked them to finish third, but don't be too surprised if Buerhle/Peavy/Danks/Floyd carries them higher than that. We've been known to be wrong around here before. Also, you know, Ozzie and stuff. That's always interesting. On Dasher, on Dancer, on AL Central and the gaping hole left by Lance Broadway!

Asdrubal Cabrera, SSJuan Pierre, LF
Grady Sizemore, CFGordon Beckham, 2B
Shin Soo Choo, RFCarlos Quentin, RF
Travis Hafner, DHPaul Konerko, 1B
Jhonny Peralta, 3BMark Kotsay, DH
Matt LaPorta, 1BAlex Rios, CF
Mark Grudzielanek, 2BA.J. Pierzynski, C
Lou Marson, CMark Teahen, 3B
Michael Brantley, LFAlexei Ramirez, SS

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BREAKING: Obama just threw out the first pitch to RYAN ZIMMERMAN. Pudge Rodriguez gets hosed!

Obama's pitch was awful, too. About 6 feet off the plate, head-high. Looked like an eephus pitch. is all broked up.

I'm excited about the Indians bats this season. Choo is going to come into his own, Sizemore will benefit from being healthy and sliding to a more natural spot in the batting order and Hafner looked like the old Pronk in Spring Training. But the pitching, um, yeah. Westbrook is our ace. Enough said.

Am watching Phils-Nats on my iPhone. I love the future.

First, Choo should be hitting 2 hole, bc Sizemore is clearly the best hitter for the Wahoos. 2nd, as long as Choo has Boras by his side, I DEMAND you spell his name $hin $oo Choo$$$$(3 extra $'s thrown in for effect). You know that we'll never keep him in Cleveland. Go Tribe.

Jake freaking Westbrook. Yuck.

Last year, while Beckham was still playing in Birmingham, him and my friend were both gunning after the same girl. You can guess who won that battle. (Hint: the highly paid professional athlete nailed her.) But my friend made a late comeback when Gordo got called up.


I can't watch Choo without getting sad because he signed with Boras, which means he isn't long for this ballclub.

Juancho, the only uniforms I want to see Choo wear are Cleveland or the South Korean Army.

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